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  1. Specs: 64bit, 16GB DDR3, Intel Core i7 2600K @ 3.40GHz, Console log in spoiler. Logged in today and had white glitching ground as I walked around in fog.
  2. +1 for power dual wielding! (non nerfed into the ground dual wielding)
  3. Ok here's an idea, hota statues are what 150kg? What about 150kg of rift stone> hota statue. To prevent them just be spammed all over which is a fair concern. I would point out we have a lovely turn out at rifts on freedom, how's that hota turn out working for y'all on wild? I hear it's kind of lonely on epic.
  4. Proper 100 Shieldsmithing title is in this patch?
  5. Hota pillars take the same amount of toon/toons as a dragon kill
  6. Lol, that's like pointing out a unique was solo'd, then the ability to do so was "patched", then telling people to go solo a dragon, funny.
  7. I had no idea so many people pvp'd to decorate their deeds on wild with hota statues, this has been most enlightening
  8. +1
  9. That's been a public use epic structure for a long time, pics?
  10. +1
  11. Bump for frying pan wielders everywhere!
  12. If it was just skills there'd probably be a lot less resistance, the amount of dragons still to be killed on epic (read $$$$$) and tomes and moonmetals that we on freedom isles have 0-1% access to means that it's not refugees coming over but executives with swiss bank accounts (and high skills). Oh and they're happy to sell us of freedom the moonmetals, tomes and dragon hide at your local street corner. What can I sell them to balance out this influx of top end goods? A 5 speed horse? Right then... I don't begrudge folks the advantages of playing on epic. But I don't expect them to carry the advantages of epic I've just listed onto freedom either.
  13. I'll just throw this out there since the topic has been broached, a merge implies bringing a benefit to at least 2 parties when they are joined. Importing typically benefits 1 party. What does freedom gain from a merge? I'm unconvinced that closing epic or freedom servers is a good step for WO in the future because who wants to play when they can have their work wiped out? Once you start wiping out servers, no server is sacred, too old or too valuable and any work can be removed, with or without compensation.
  14. +1 for coffee and ibexes, will require snow leopards as well.
  15. +1, Have the tent take dmg every time you sleep in it.
  16. Thanks for the fun and the wc pot
  17. +1 for the idea.
  18. Overall this would get a +1 from me if only because I'm curious how this would play out over 6 months. It seems a little hard on the folks who've managed to pen a dragon for years in some cases (RIP Charcoal i guess). I have always been amazed at how often a dragon/unique will spawn right after a server reboot, call me crazy but I think there's a bug in the code that rebooting the servers clears As dragons are the end game of freedom, it seems like balancing them and adjusting them is an excellent idea, they are not a 4 or 5 hit wonder when a server opens (and or possible to farm for years) but now they respawn semi regularly. I'd like to see them balanced and fun for as many folks as possible while realizing you can't please everyone ever.
  19. +1 (and maybe sand around all coastlines, or a lot more?)
  20. +1
  21. +1