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  1. Does the rarity on tools affect either ql of fragments or what drops?
  2. Out of curiosity, why drop more premium on former epic toons if we're supposedly all merged now?
  3. When gathering kelp, the action bar says "gathering grass". The event tab works gives the correct message [12:22:17] You start to gather wild kelp. [12:22:23] You gather 3 kelp. I believe the action bar should say "gathering kelp" or nothing at all?
  4. Imping them doesn't actually give you traps skill, only planting them does. Having traps at least damage aggros would be a nice start for sure +1
  5. +1
  6. Who is the opening act?
  7. +1
  8. +1, with rampant account sales, I see no need to force folks to buy a new toon to change rep, charge 100$ per name change.
  9. I think in the interest of the wurm community, please push this through sooner rather then later, more talking won't achieve anything positive and the wurm community doesn't need anymore fragmentation. That the merger is now happening after months and months of it *not* happening seems apparent. If so fine. Congrats to the epic players. Lets move on and play wurm rather then engage in one of the best forum battles I've seen in a good while. I looked at a screenshot from 2013 impalong, wurm had 800+ toons logged in. I don't know what the plans are but anything that helps wurm grow moving forward is a good thing in my book, even if it's unpleasant for some folks for a little while in the short term.
  10. Nope I don't complain that there's too many missions, but I don't get how missions being done on freedom should do anything on epic/valrei. We just do it for sb/karma on freedom, and that seems a bit silly to me in the grand scheme of things. Supposedly valrei is for epic and ascending toons, we're just playing the lotto system for ez pz sleep bonus, or 150k karma, I could light mine lamps for years
  11. Right then, I open my mission tab and am spammed with names. I don't recall tomes or moonmetals or epic mobs before (even hellhounds) before epic opened. Epic is never that far away from freedom
  12. Oye gary, so dadd was bought with 90+ body, how many other 90 body toons have been bought or even exist? This seems to be your biggest issue? (I'm opposed to toon sales for the record). The fact you're hung up on the sale of dadd's toon is a little odd.
  13. What I've never been able to swallow is the power grinders of epic saying they can't figure out how to change the difficulty rating while they grind. For milling? yeah ok it sucks. For most things... you can.
  14. Why not? Not to be disagreeable, but the forum cartels fought long and hard for the 100 titles to be merged. If the grinding is 4x better at first glance on epic, prepare to see most power grinders chasing 100s on epic
  15. So I'm curious, if I buzz over to epic with my stack of 99 skills, can I start running up 100s and naming titles for all of wurm? Now that epic will be the premier grinding zone? I'm very glad epic may see higher pop numbers soon, just curious how this all plays out in the grand scheme of things now that epic is being turned into some sort of wu playground connected to freedom.
  16. Sure why not, I'll sign up, sounds like a lot of fun
  17. Bug was noted 5 years ago. Just have to live with it until fixed
  18. Greetings all, I've got 10kg of seryll, avg 74 that I'm interested in trading for equal value in addy. I can provide screenshot if needed. Interested in meeting up to swap with someone (MR impalong or some other gathering comes to mind). Shoot me a message if this interests you. Pingpong All out of seryll atm, thanks!
  19. Eh whatever is needed at any given time, call it too many years of wurm skilling
  20. I'll come imps stuff, kill mobs and spar everyone . You can put me down for smithing, carp, ct or lw. Prefer smithing or carp as loud noises are fun
  21. Sign me up for the championship tourney, pain tourney sounds interesting too.
  22. An ally member and I tried to build hedges and flower beds on mine tile borders using the crafting window. Result was that the action starts and stops in the crafting window with no message in the event log. However, adding a flower and sprout to the crafting window produces the correct result in the opposite side of the crafting window, ie hedge or flower bed. I'm not sure if the bug is that the crafting window shows that flower beds/hedges are buildable or just that it won't build them. To reproduce, activate flower/sprout, right click tile border in cave, add to crafting window, then click continue and watch the que bug out.
  23. That tunnel was built by archaed and ronal I believe.
  24. +1 for a couple of weeks every spring