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  1. OOS while sitting still

    So update to situation. Corpse was recovered. Skill was returned by a lovely arch gm, and I burned the chair that started all this fuss.
  2. OOS while sitting still

    I was sitting in a chair imping, after 10m~ I was hit with OOS spam in event tab. My second client showed no oos issues at all at the same time. As I went to relog client 1 due to oos spam, I was hit with the "where would you like to respawn" dialogue. I'm quite curious as to the reason a quick burst of OOS could kill my toon WHILE I'm sitting still (following the instructions in event tab to move slower I'd point out). My toon's corpse is not where I was sitting when the OOS hit, nor can I find it. A rare scale set, .25fs at 99+ is gone and 150kg of gear. All from a freak oos when I'm sitting still? Please refund all losses (all items recovered, just out fs now) Edit: Corpse recovered via karma summon, but where was it?! Logs- Edit 2: Per zamiels suggestion, I tried hitting my autowalk key while sitting, nothing happens at first, then you get [15:24:38] Your position on the server is not updated. Please move slower. and then after a few seconds you get [15:25:36] You are out of synch with the server. Please stand still. (all while sitting still mind you). Pushing autowalk while sitting down produced no message while in my chair in my cave (So i burned said chair). Looks like a very reproducible death trap bug.
  3. OOS while sitting still

    I was in my cave deed as is typical, corpse is not on surface of mountain that I saw, Out Of Sync.
  4. So I thought this was going to be added but it seems to have been over looked So I'd like to suggest "Mountain Eater". I'm assuming the original Dadd hit it shortly before me many years ago and it would be his to name but he has moved on to greener pastures afaik. Should a dev not like this title, then please add SOMETHING. No idea why shovel gets a 100 title and we pickaxe wielders are looked down on Pingpong
  5. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    Thanks for your efforts to better the game we hold so dear Sir Sindusk, may you find success in your future endeavors.
  6. Beverage overhaul

    +1 for coffee, hand over my latte!
  7. [No Bug] CCFP and sb

    Since the update on the 21st/23rd I felt like I was burning sb much faster even though I maintain 100% ccfp religiously. Over the last couple of days I did some actual time checks. I got +4m and +18m maintaining 100% ccfp during 1h of sb usage. Since I was on release and not subject to xanalags time vagaries I thought I'd post this up here. If anything I would expect a stable amount of + x minute sb to be preserved by ccfp, but it's appearing to vary immensely. My sb usage has gone up dramatically since those updates while grinding the same amount of time which is what lead me to thinking there might be something going on. Hope this sheds some light on a sneaky bug
  8. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Great to see "gone fishing" finally make it to live! @samool whatever happened to the old auto fish method that was activated via profile> options?
  9. 100 Restoration Title

  10. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    The Pr dragon group has been silly for a long time now and been used to prevent/leverage/blackmail dragons from outsiders while allowing it's members free access to other peoples dragons. The fact the leaders can freely invite their friends from off server to hunts has been just one of the many reasons PR has a problem with their hunts. Another would be that most people don't hunt and then expect to be invited. A third is that they have historically screamed bloody murder if someone did a private hunt on PR and then joined as many private hunts off PR as they could. A massive rewrite of the PR hunting rules would be needed, but that'll only work if they're actually followed through by everyone involved. If not then it's just a little more make up on the pig. I have no respect for the PR cartel because they make/break their own rules at their convenience and have for a long time. It's amazing what you see go around and come around if you play in wurm long enough *shrug*
  11. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    May you find that bug free code my friend, thanks for all the memories Pingpong
  12. Friendship Bay Summer Impalong (Friend-A-Long)!

    Hello friends of friendalong! I plan to turn out and help with carp or smithing as needed. Pandylynn has graciously volunteered to come and plan world conquest along with "pinky". Bloodyscythe needs to be signed up to be an official greeter and arena bait. Thanks!
  13. Skill Points

    Congrats bucket I knew you were closing in, but it's super cool to see you made it! To think how many times I had to talk you off the ledge during that 100 carp grind, all for that 1 skill point Maybe now you can go discover why tracking gets good after 99 or something, the rumors you know?
  14. WTS supreme pickaxe (gold)

    Hi all, I'm looking to sell this lovely Supreme Gold Pickaxe. Comes with a bonus 1 Frostbrand on it. Ql is 17. No siggy on it. [21:27:04] A tool for mining. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It could be improved with a lump. Cost is only 20s. Cod from my mailbox to yours. Pingpong
  15. Three years in the making....

  16. Collectables

  17. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    This might be one of the best statements I've ever seen on the forums. Plz send me wagons,banners, moonmetal weaps and scale sets (which are still sold off chaos) for free /sarcasm off. If pvp isn't someone's cup of tea, don't degrade them for it, accept their opinion and move on.
  18. Horsetack Rack

    +1+1+1+1 great idea
  19. My steel/flint is locked/loaded/and sooooo ready for this update.
  20. Wild Animals on Slopes

    +1 I find it udderly rediculous that gravity only applies to wurmians while mobs are immune to it. Even if all the mobs "fell" while on the steep slopes, the wounds they got would then kill them and should in theory repopulate the servers in other non sloped regions.
  21. White Dragon

    thanks for the fun
  22. Lets just yell at anyone who disagrees and further enhance the pvp reputation? I do get kingdoms wanting to control who's making their wagons for sale, so I'll give this a +1 in the short term and a -1 in the long term ( I'd like to see all items craftable in the long term). I'm still laughing over how many times I've seen "Pve just cares about their monies only". Riiiiiiiight. Edit: After further coffee I feel that giving PMK's a 3 month monopoly on their goods would be a nice window on which they could recoup their startup costs (which is silly high) and after the window has run out all items could be crafted across wurm. This would allow both sides to benefit.
  23. Update Fishing

    +1 to more fishing options, also more fish would be nice
  24. Walkabout: or how long can I survive without a horse?

    A brilliant idea, it's quite doable if you're observant and a bit lucky. I suggest you take the E/W highway and do walk across xanadu, it's well worth it!