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  1. Lake harmonie -inner sea canal

    I have started preparations at the Lake Harmonie End. I'm out of town for a few days. Project plan so far: - Create 1 tile pilot tunnel all the way mining around any veins. This includes preparing break out site on Innner sea side. Perhaps build some temp housing. - Optionally build 1 tile guard houses along route to prevent deeding. - Clear pilot tunnel of veins. - Expand tunnel 4 tiles to a total of 5 above water clearing veins as we go. ( trust me leaving them for last is extremely demotivating ) - Raise Cieling - lower floor of 4 tiles 4 water access. (3 full 1 sloping up to footpath) - Pave footpath and slope (pilot tunnel) - Open the doors and drink many beers Some more info From my experience from the first leg we can expect to hit 40-60 veins. If we hit reinforced areas we can go around or deed them away. The later prefered to make tunnel go straight. Its not on the map but there are 4 settlements on the hill west of LH blocking passage that way so we need to go minimum 30 tiles north. Unfortunately the areas topology forces us to go a bit west first, then North, and west again. I have 1 fighter toon (Godzildarella ) capable of dealing with any normal critter that chose to spawn in the tunnel. She's also a 90skill blacksmith. A strongwall casting Priest is most welcome If not i have an offer of borrowing one for the prem cost. LH start 39x 27 Y (NW corner of lake) IS Expected start 34x 28Y - Comming out just north of Castle forrester. (NeeNee's place). NeeNee has also offered to help. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5evRFXJXhXONkktVjE4MUJaYjA/view?pref=2&pli=1 Small Tip: Have you ever wondered were a specific spot in a mine was on the surface. When in the cave type firepillar in the commandline and the same tile above will change to a lava'ish look visible for the caster. You can cast it on several tiles. Regards DL (Deathlemming of Hells Forge )
  2. Calling miners and newbies

    Hi I'm busy on another tunnel project. But perhaps i could do a little assistance if you could provide some directions of the location. Are there smelters and BSB's precent to get rid of the ore If not i'll just pack some on the wagon. I'm out of town until monday. Let me know if help is still needed by then and its not to far away. btw. 4-5 veins IS a one person job :-), but always more fun to share the task. DL
  3. Hi I've slowly started on the cave canal /road from Lake Harmonie to inner sea. I have had some input from people and have chosen the least completely impossible route there :-). So far just exposing some surface rock making some concrete and such at LH end. Plan not completely done but if anyone is interested in killing a vein or two let me know. DL (the rodent from hell)
  4. Updated map of Indy's rift locations

    Great map. Thanks
  5. bought can close

    hi Do you mean a deed with a trader already placed on it ?. As for the hi ql source of iron ore i could likely help you locate some spots. Otherwise just dig deeper :-) . I do a lot of hunting with a +60 prospecting toon. Just let me know PM and i will keep an eye open when clearing old mines of trolls and like.
  6. Rift 24/25th

    the rift is right outside the mine exit at the bottom of the accessable area. Further up there is a pen and even further an area far from rift for safe repairs and such. I put a colossus brick on the highway at the place to turn off
  7. RIft for 15 March

    Really fun Rift. Just fighting through the rock to get there. I discovered the rift critters run after you into mines and kills any animals you have parked there. Good helpfull atmosphere. And good teamwork. So thanks to everyone (8-10 people) who came for some fun hours together. DL
  8. RIft for 15 March

    tired a but back on the 2 tiled road but unless its a multi cave in its not there either
  9. RIft for 15 March

    hmmm i cant find any enterence. Only a 1 tile in and then a dropshaft. a few enterences furthe on but not accessable
  10. Hi

    You were looking for something to do. 

    I will be starting an cave canal project on Indi in a 3-4 months time if you are interested.
    Lake harmonie to Inner sea. 


  11. Slave Labour

    You have a underground mine - how unusual :-P
  12. Friends If you have not done so yet please register you deed at the "albia roads map" sticky here on indipendence forum. Its a great help to fugure out where you are. like when returning from another server on a foggy day or just roaming the lands off road. So please drop them a post that you want to register your deed on the map. Its completely free of charge. DL
  13. Hi I would like a Horse or two on release. So I thought perhaps someone on release would like a horse at their disposal on Indipendence. Idea is that i can care for some animals your place ( i can care for 10 ) and you for some on mine. On top we could have some horses at our disposal at each others deeds. I can provide some enchantet grass tiles on top. That way we both have more cared for animals for breeding and we have transport on each others server. Perhaps a guest house with essentials would be nice as well. I live pretty central on indi at the north end of Crystal Lake L18-19
  14. HI I live up the north end of Crystal Lake (hells forge / hells harbour) along with some old dusty neighbors :-) Fact is that we like neighbors up here so if you are looking for a place to settle I will be happy to give some directions to good vacant places in the area among friendly people to help you get started. Just PM in here or contact deathlemming in game.