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  1. This does'nt really change my dislike of the ingame economy. It's still pretty much based on RMT. those with a lot of real life money can bye a lot of silver and buy the shiniest bling things. Only real change is the monopoly on exchanging the RM to IGM. I never bought silver for deeds and bling but always payed for my two accounts with RM. I never PVP'ed for the reason that if you can just buy your way out of protecting your deed with RM if you have enough of that. how will hundreds of hours of skill grinding help the opponant bring it down. Character sharing : In some of my projects i have previously been offered to borrow peoples characters for free (or at least share cost bringing them prime). I was never asked to pay any rent. Still I see preventing it as a good thing as it turns people towards playing online together (READ: Having fun together) instead of just exchanging passwords. I newer liked this RM economy of this game but have played it 9 years ( or 10 not sure 🙂 ) I would prefer a game where my high skill in something could be traded for something else. A good example : whats the point in training mining skill above say 90 to be able to trade high grade ore for a good weapon if someone with RL money can buy a imbued runed pickaxe and provide the same at lower skill. Imagine the Champions league in soccer were you could buy extra goals for money ?? I would so much prefer to pay a bit extra for my chars and have a total virtual economy . CC You made a fantastic game but with a economy close to a lot of "time slot based" games in 2d called something with empire. Not sure if it that was your initial goal to do it in 3D /Fps ( s= stabber) P.S. I do'nt mind games were you can buy your self to a better chance of success, i just do'nt find them fun to play. And FUN is what i require from investing a lot of my time in a game.
  2. Hi NeeNee That sounds great . I moved the the project to start from the suthern end of lake harmonie as i ran into a combination of "" swiss cheese" and rock to low to tunnel. Now i have a 1 tile tunnel going 180 tiles west from the start it will swing 65 tiles north at around 300 and then 30 west to the exit area shown above. I got both marble and Slate and of course a ton of rock ? Since Beanbag and you are closest you should be the ones to chose the look. As said i'm more and less off for a week so lets take it up when i'm back. DL
  3. Hi Beanbag Thanks for your input. Godzildarella <->deathlemming (DL) same person. I will not destroy your highway and then take a long break :-). My plan was to replace a piece of the highway about 15-20 tiles north of LHP with a bridge. The highway link would be gone for a day or less - in fact the time it takes to build the bridge 2x6-8 tiles or so. I can do it on an announced date. I could perhaps make a temp way around so link would not be down at all. Rock surfaces that are in the way will be mined down in order to allow the highway to continue as straight as now. I need to survey a bit more to figure out where its best to break out so lets just agree for now that I will NOT make any changes to the highway before i have consulted you further. If you have any input good ideas or preferences (perhaps bridge materials) please let me know. I will notify you with my preferred exit point when i have it. Perhaps best if we could look at it together. Talking about breaks i'm not much online next week as i'm on vacation. Plan so far: white is planned exit zone yellow is LHP deed border planned exit Kind Regards DL
  4. Hi sorry i had a break from game. I assume you have found out that there are plenty of places to settle as long as it does'nt have to be a stone throw from Freedom Market
  5. Hi I had a 6 month break I'm on my forth pilot tunnel now. The whole west side of the lake is more and less blocked by deeds and to the north i hit a lot of old mines + low rock making progress almost impossible. The tunnel mid west of lake is an old project that i did not take part in. Its basically blocked by 3 deeds perim to perim. I dont wanna go through perim without the acceptance of the owners who i have not been able to contact. Mayor names does'nt give anything when searching on forum. Never ever saw anyone from there in local. South of the lake i have also encountered problems with low rock layer making a western side canal to the existing one. After counting pixels on the map dump i think i found a new option. some deeds have disbanded since. I will get back with more news on that. btw there used to be a 1 tile canal going from the SE corner of Harmonie to crystal lake. Problem was that much of it was reinforced and hence it could not be expanded - that's why i decided to build the new one. But its still there and could be converted to a land tunnel if someome whants to make a lot of concrete/SW casts to raise the floor. there are several mines along the way conecting to it. exit crystal side is on deeded land though. Could be a nice shortcut if you travel from/to FM.
  6. lol ? i must have click 1st page instead of previous .
  7. Hi Willow I got some hi ql hides lying around. I also often go hunting and stumble over some nice hides. Let me check when i get home from work. With LW 29 i should think it would be best if you convert them. DL
  8. I have started preparations at the Lake Harmonie End. I'm out of town for a few days. Project plan so far: - Create 1 tile pilot tunnel all the way mining around any veins. This includes preparing break out site on Innner sea side. Perhaps build some temp housing. - Optionally build 1 tile guard houses along route to prevent deeding. - Clear pilot tunnel of veins. - Expand tunnel 4 tiles to a total of 5 above water clearing veins as we go. ( trust me leaving them for last is extremely demotivating ) - Raise Cieling - lower floor of 4 tiles 4 water access. (3 full 1 sloping up to footpath) - Pave footpath and slope (pilot tunnel) - Open the doors and drink many beers ? Some more info From my experience from the first leg we can expect to hit 40-60 veins. If we hit reinforced areas we can go around or deed them away. The later prefered to make tunnel go straight. Its not on the map but there are 4 settlements on the hill west of LH blocking passage that way so we need to go minimum 30 tiles north. Unfortunately the areas topology forces us to go a bit west first, then North, and west again. I have 1 fighter toon (Godzildarella ) capable of dealing with any normal critter that chose to spawn in the tunnel. She's also a 90skill blacksmith. A strongwall casting Priest is most welcome ? If not i have an offer of borrowing one for the prem cost. LH start 39x 27 Y (NW corner of lake) IS Expected start 34x 28Y - Comming out just north of Castle forrester. (NeeNee's place). NeeNee has also offered to help. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5evRFXJXhXONkktVjE4MUJaYjA/view?pref=2&amp;pli=1 Small Tip: Have you ever wondered were a specific spot in a mine was on the surface. When in the cave type firepillar in the commandline and the same tile above will change to a lava'ish look visible for the caster. You can cast it on several tiles. Regards DL (Deathlemming of Hells Forge )
  9. Hi I'm busy on another tunnel project. But perhaps i could do a little assistance if you could provide some directions of the location. Are there smelters and BSB's precent to get rid of the ore If not i'll just pack some on the wagon. I'm out of town until monday. Let me know if help is still needed by then and its not to far away. btw. 4-5 veins IS a one person job :-), but always more fun to share the task. DL
  10. Hi I've slowly started on the cave canal /road from Lake Harmonie to inner sea. I have had some input from people and have chosen the least completely impossible route there :-). So far just exposing some surface rock making some concrete and such at LH end. Plan not completely done but if anyone is interested in killing a vein or two let me know. DL (the rodent from hell)
  11. hi Do you mean a deed with a trader already placed on it ?. As for the hi ql source of iron ore i could likely help you locate some spots. Otherwise just dig deeper :-) . I do a lot of hunting with a +60 prospecting toon. Just let me know PM and i will keep an eye open when clearing old mines of trolls and like.
  12. the rift is right outside the mine exit at the bottom of the accessable area. Further up there is a pen and even further an area far from rift for safe repairs and such. I put a colossus brick on the highway at the place to turn off