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  1. That part of the forum needs multiply sub sections but I guessing the market is so slow it will never really be easy to buy certain thing. I never get any replies. Yes I want tons of animals and horses aren't one of them. I get how you feel but -1. Fix the whole thing.
  2. Can we get something beer than healing cover? I'm still not sure I get how the work completely. I stick to cotton because it does decay as bad and can be stored in a bsb in my cart. Finding cotton as a noob is annoying hate to think of it now with the ever expanding stuff you can find foraging. I can get behind more additional items but don't change cotton.
  3. +1 to all mechanisms that get us to realistic basic level of production. I will never understand why this game has to be so backward and make things harder for the sake of making them harder than common sense should have to allow. Yeah I know not everything has to be realistic or accurate but don't make stuff feel like your wasting your time. I'm one of those people who will just go without before I drop one cent more than I feel something is worth and I hardly buy anything in this game.
  4. +1 Not having visible changes have always bothered me. It is one reason why I like being able to see decay because then you know something has changed.
  5. Um I see a need for this because I have at least 7 FSB for sorting QL. I will have more if I ever get to rearranging them because I can't reach the last if I'm at the first so I normally have my cart, inventory and two FSB open at the same time all sorted alphabetically or by QL. It take forever to put everything away when I have a full cart. Same thing for the BSB. Please make this easier some how but I hate those larder shelves. The inventory groups are better but I would go with a good search box. The current cooking one is weak but better than nothing. +1 to search box
  6. 0. In other games there is a value for gelding. I've played one where the good breeding stock were only for the elite and you would have to blood even to get a good gelding. It would be too late to add it now and the way horses work would have to change to make the demand increase for even 5 speed. Easiest thing to do would give gelding a speed boost. (On that note maybe a horse would get a permanent or temporary trait based on it current state)
  7. I think tundra should be like moss which can be planted and takes over the grass very slowly. There should be a small chance of all the ground tiles randomly generating on dirt. Just make sure all the tiles are balance so stuff doesn't go extinct but grass is the dominant land type.
  8. I like it. Downers much. +3 I don't see unread things as scary though in any form. The darkness is the hook here. I've never seen a fog spider(maybe once forgot those things exist) and I was admiring the light fog effects as I was going through the steppe. Only real concern is animal cap.
  9. Why don't they just make it easier to find. It would still have to be challenging but not random.
  10. War Hammers

    +1 (<<<guess who has the most useless affinity ever<<<)
  11. +1 Had this problem before when I would go down this road not too far from my house. Would drive me crazy lucky my deed is out of range of it. I heard it was terrain based so it doesn't go away. >.<