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  1. Close Plz

    thx all
  2. Tim's Tannery, Vrock Landing, Xanadu

    hi again, sorry for the trouble hehe i didnt look carful and did send it back....can u send it back =), and what is the papaprus thing u send me and the backpack??
  3. I can buy one finish mask of the isles fragment (54/10) - 10c each
  4. Tim's Tannery, Vrock Landing, Xanadu

    Send following things. 10-slot (rare ql90 belt) 5s saddle Ql 80 woa 84 - 1s 44c barding Ql70 50c if u are able to do saddle bags, send one too around Ql70
  5. Selling Vyn Priest

    Sent u a pm
  6. 80+ql Seryll Plate Armor - Rare BP and Legs!

    Shall pick it out in a few hours, but i will
  7. 80+ql Seryll Plate Armor - Rare BP and Legs!

    Mail it too me (in-game name Nachtiti)
  8. Coal Auction

    i can do the buyout on the LOT a LOT A 2,000 coal of 72.54 ql Opening Bid 6s Buyout 10s Bid Increment 1s 1 hour snipe protection
  9. RIFT 3/3 at 10:00PM

    rift start at 10:02PM at around J14 North exodus on the tundra [18:44:42] <Shockingawe> I am guessing J14
  10. RIFT Deli 3/3

    Deliverence Rift around L18 [21:13:16] You guess that this Rift will open in approximately 16 hours. (at the time i took it it was 2019-03-02 kl 09:13pm) so IT will Start at 01:00PM around
  11. WTS Tools for 10c (each)

    send the 3 large anvil and the 3 small anvil to nachtiti
  12. RIFT Deli 3/3

    will never sell this acc, and i started on indy - moved to deli when open - later xana - but falling back to indy ones more, hehe indy is my home will allways be Live at K9, drop by sometime
  13. RIFT Deli 3/3

    live on indy bloodscythe, for an over a year, but got the taste for the rift thing hehe
  14. RIFT Deli 3/3 (around that point you will see it)
  15. Wts priest/main

    what are you asking for the Vyn faith, no transfer
  16. Maes Knoll sorted can be closed

    60s or 60euro
  17. Maes Knoll sorted can be closed

    intressted...but what is the price?
  18. Albia Roads Map Of Indy

    I whant to add Notilla Harbour at (K-9 in-game map) cords 30y7x we got a vynorra colossus,guard tower, obelisk, merchant 2x will send 2 imgr pic to show we also got the highway to there.
  19. Albia Cats Eyes Highways Map of Indy

    Hi we have create an highway connection 480 tile long from K9 in-game map (from notilla Harbour) will send a picture and the red line will show around how its

    have created it CLOSE PLZ

    the deed is on indy K10 around (ingame map)
  22. Please close

    hi i can order 5 racks and the following spice in it, 15 cumin, 15 ginger, 15paprika, 15turmeric, 15 basil, 15 fennel, 15 mint, 15 organo, 15 rosmary, 15 parsley, with delivery to Notilla Harbour K9 indy Note: woode typ doesnt matter (take any type) can pm me in-game: Nachtiti Im GMT +2 Sweden (EU Time)
  23. thx for the delivery of the support beams and lamps, very nice guy meny, you get WWWWW (5 wurm marks from me) XD