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  1. Must be troll, the euro is in a 2 year high in comparison to USD, near future euro is on the rise. Def. not the way around, esp. concerning so called - US "politics" xD
  2. Plan for a Plan

    Implement some mods from WU, like the Creatures Mod, all the coding and Skins are already done for you. I would love to see the quality of an item be represented by its skin in the world - so a 20ql barrels looks shabby and a 80 ql one looks almost perfect. Its a big task for the whole game, but just start with few items and implement more along the way. Bring back Wood types!
  3. same here, im sorry but im too busy with other things right now, i wish you luck
  4. ridiculous. and even if the mods help and remove the posts that show the truth about you guys the taint remains, and will stay in the memories of the people
  5. soldier if there are open places still
  6. Ready to move to Xanadu, but you are still missing an appropriate ship ? Well i have the right ship for you! A Knarr can hold up to 43 Large Crates which equals to an extreme amount of bulk goods you could take with you on your trip. You can even load a large Cart or a Wagon to take with you. Or, of course, the usual loadable things which you could all take with you - like your rare Forge or Oven, Beds, Large Chests. Not to mention the insane amounts of items you can carry with this ship by using rafts and backpacks. It is the second large ship, but has the most shallow draft - you can pass very shallow tunnels and bays. Their speed isn't affected as much as the other ships in low winds. It can carry up to 13 people in total and goes up to 27 km/h with best wind even if youre solo riding. If you are interested, i can provide you rafts, crates, bsb's and even wagons for your trip. Other Carpentry/Fine Carpentry items, as well. You can choose which woodtype it should be. Lock and anchor are in stock and included. It will be imped up to 60ql, every option is negotiable. Im selling this ship for 14s, please post here or send me a personal message, if you are interested. Current stock : 1 cherrywood knarr.
  7. i got 4 powders to sell. delivery is np. pm if interested.
  8. Preserve the old names And please take the other names on the old map into account, too. P1. Paragon Bay P2. Blossom Bay P3. Horseshoe Island P4. - i like the idea to name the mountain(volcano) and the area around it seperately - Caldera Plains and Caldera Voclano P5. Crocodile Cove P6. Paramount Lake P7. Pristine Wastelands P8. Dragon Head Sea P9. Troll Mountain
  9. I cant add floors or roofs, its just not working, no matter what i try
  10. Is this addressing to the problem with beds and bsbs/fsbs above each other? maybe i get this wrong, but only 5 decorations per floor level or max 5 per floor and tile? sry, i just dont understand
  11. I recently joined kingsford, too. Its a real nice place to live in, the more established players support the newcomers, everyone is friendly and there is a lot of work to do, if you want. One of the best parts is the alliance with Whitedragon Vineyards, this means there are alot of spezialisations and alot of communication in the alliance. A few more ppl joined Kingsford, Whitedragon Vineyards and the alliance in the last few days and they dont regret it We have ppl from different timezones, so dont worry about that Wurm is much more fun with a community and this community is one of the best, for sure. I want to encourage more ppl to give it a try, dont stay a hermit, join our community Even if you look at Kingsford and you dont like living at the coast, then you can live in Whitedragon Vineyards, cause its uphill and in a thick forest... Join us, we are still looking for players !