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  1. If I put a locked gate in a building arch door. I can';t let someone transfer crates from a crate rack into a boat through the gate when they have the the key. Permissions in the building don't make a difference. The person with the key can move crates they have put in the rack. but not ones someone else has put in. There is no issue if the gate isn't there, the house permissions work fine then. only when you add the locked gate.
  2. I'm after some horses and bison on pristine. PM me if you can help.
  3. Sale completed. Thank you Launcelot and enjoy your new deed.
  4. Due to RL getting in the way I am taking an extended break from Wurm. I've decided to try selling my deed this time with a starting price of what is in the coffers. The deed is a complete island that I have tried to keep as natural looking as possible so very little terraforming. It comes with: 1 wagon 4 large carts 2 sailboats and a rowboat. a workshop, storehouse and stables. 4 70QL forges and 2 70QL ovens Kiln There doesn't appear to be much ore under ther island, have only found a couple of iron veins so far. A temporary bridge to the mainland, I built it off a building so I could easily remove it once I had the masonry skill to build a stone arched bridge. Various animals, some bison, horses, sheep, cows, bulls etc.. Starting bid 70s No Sniper Protection
  5. I brought 2 of the first version of this deal and am very happy with it. Good communication and quick delivery. Definitely a good person to deal with.
  6. Led Inc.

    Just ordered 5000 bricks and 5000 Mortar. Super fast delivery. Thank you.
  7. Delivered quickly too. Very nice service. Thank you.
  8. Ago did a pretty detailed explanation in that thread. If that doesn't help which bit are you having trouble with? and Hope that helps a little.
  9. Players need to have the client mod loader installed for that to work. Detailed instructions are on page 3 of the client mod loader thread.
  10. Online Map Viewer

    I had the same problem. It didn't want to work using but started working as soon as I changed "rmiHost": "", to the address I had in internal server ip address in the server settings. Hope that helps.
  11. Pickaxe, iron, 91.57ql, 88woa, 73coc - 2.9s Mountain Lion Pelt, 100.00ql, 92woa, 80coc - 5.2s Spindle, oakenwood, 90.85ql, 76woa, 76coc - 2.3s CoD to Lucinel please.