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  1. Village found. Close Please.
  2. Hello everyone on Exodus, I am a returning player and currently wiling to join a village. I know the game and willing to help with any village projects and works:) PM me in game or here.
  3. Whetstone 89.17ql (70c) Stone Chisel, iron 83.36ql (60c) File, iron 82.87ql (60c) Rake, iron 82.65ql (60c) Mallet, oakenwood 76.69ql (55c) Butchering Knife, iron 74.16ql (50c) Hatchet, iron 71.97ql (50c) Hammer, iron 71.28ql (50c) Shovel, iron 71.24ql (50c) Pickaxe, iron 70.41ql (50c) Spyglass, brass 70.00ql (3s) Rope Tool, birchwood 65.19ql (45c) Currently located in EXODUS server but items can be CoD ed to other servers or will be delivered face to face. PM if interested.
  4. I am looking for various kinds of work (digging farming mining etc) Currently located in exodus you can pm me if you need something done.
  5. I want to sell a 70 ql spyglass 4.5s. Pm if interested.
  6. Nope Ive already premmed the char but that skill dump was taken just before premming:) I have updated the post. This is the current character information. BUMP
  7. I want to sell 70 ql spyglass (4.5s) and 2 sleep powders (2s) PM me if you want to buy.