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  1. Hi, Can i get sickle, BOTD81: 36c imped to 70ql please? Thanks
  2. Hi, I asked in CA because i'm getting the mining warning "The cave walls look very unstable and dirt flows in. You would be buried alive. " (outside is dirt not rock or cliff). The outside wall is definitely cliff according to the deed planner export, and from what i can see. It actually says on the Wiki that you can make a mine on any cliff or rock tile so it should work that you can mine from the inside out. The CA who responded also recommended making a bug report. Thank you.
  3. Hi, Every time i enter my deed my cart get's stuck and the wheels spin but i can no longer move forward or back. I have to unhitch the horses, drag the cart then hitch them back up which lets me get inside. The entrance to my deed is at the top of a bridge into a gatehouse with a portcullis and a marble slab floor.
  4. VirusMD made my scale jacket for me with thanks! Would deal with him again
  5. Bump Looking for any type of scale jacket
  6. Still looking, let me know what you have and what you want for it
  7. last posts i saw were selling for 55-75s, looking through the forums. 55-60 for red, 75~ for white or other colours