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  1. Creating a stand alone server

    You can have it so others can't connect to your server, but your computer does need internet access for the server software to run. Just set a password on your server and if you don't forward the ports on your router no one should even see your server in the list. You'll find your server under the lan tab in the launcher if you do it that way.
  2. The having the grass at medium or higher tanks my fps. In wurm unlimited tile transitions are currently tied to the tile decorations setting. I am playing on a laptop so my hardware is a bit weak so I have to play on lower settings if I want to maintain 30-60 fps.
  3. ah thats it! thanks. Unfortunately I'll have to go without them in that case because I play with sparse.
  4. I play on a laptop so I turned down the graphics settings basically to match what they were in Wurm online. I probably just need to play with the settings till I find which one does it and hope that I still maintain a decent frame rate with the option enabled.
  5. I can't find the option to enable tile transitions in WU. Have they been removed or clumped in another setting that I'm not seeing? It looked much nicer when the tiles blended together in the tile boarders as opposed to sharply cutting off the textures.
  6. Wts Skiller Rakes

    CoD the 88 and 86 CoC rakes to Syls please and thanks!
  7. Selling that snow lantern for 1.8s? CoD to Brixus if so
  8. Christmas Sale

    umm, batches 2 and 3 have the same picture.
  9. Feedback wanted from PlayerAuctions

    Alright, so I went ahead and purchased 1 "silver deal" from the player auctions website to see how it worked. My method of payment was through a visa card which had an extra $5 fee with it as a service charge or something, not a huge deal. I did have to type in my personal info a few times throughout the process, once to verify the payment source, and once to actually make the payment, but its not more information than amazon asks for so okay. The part that was a bit odd was that I received an email from them saying they had to call me and confirm the order details to verify the payment. The first time they called me I had gone to bed, so earlier I sent them an email back saying I was at home and they called within minutes of me sending it. I asked if that was something they did every time and was told no just for that purchase. Not sure why, perhaps because the purchase exceeded a certain amount or perhaps because it was my first purchase with that payment method through them. All in all the site is a bit clunky, but it works. I get that most of it is for protecting peoples accounts, but paypal is much faster and more user friendly. I was planning on buying a gold from the shop after I got my winter bonus anyway so I figured I'd give it a shot. Seems that the gold was deposited into my bank instantly after I got the payment verified but thats seller end, so good work there . In my opinion unless you don't trust the person you are buying from its significantly faster to use paypal or just trade silvers in game if purchasing an item. I don't think its a bad thing to have as an option, you have three options now; paypal, silvers in game or player auctions. the bad part is people seem to act like Rolf is trying to make it their only option when its simply an additional one.
  10. 1ql 85coc = 1.3s steel shovel. CoD to Syls if its still available, tyvm!
  11. oops didn't see that plagueb bid on the swords.
  12. Torch - Vynora double favor item

    Yoyos are Vyns double favor item unless they have changed it for some reason. Which would slightly bother me as I've been grinding toy making....
  13. 90ql - rare toolbelt - 4s Cod to Syls please