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  1. When it drops below 30 a chat tab called "village" opens (or the next time you log in) and says less than a month remains, it comes up every time you log in until you add upkeep. I just tested on an alt i knew was below 30. I've also seen the same tab on accounts that are members of a village that drops below 30. https://prnt.sc/l2xzi2
  2. The diagonal portion was recently reworked and diagonally paved, so I assume you are working on the North / South portion?
  3. same here. https://prnt.sc/jd15pp https://prnt.sc/jd15ts http://prntscr.com/jd163s
  4. What where you expecting? magic saddle bags of anti-gravity? They will have a use, just not the one you were hoping for.
  5. saw this in another thread, and had it happen to me as well - the container is stuck open, right click and select close and it works after that.
  6. same issues here (west coast), i started doing tracert and watching for it to change then i know i can log in. there are a few hops that are bogging down so bad nothing wurm will work, but everything else does. Once the internet re-routes things work, but it's been a repetitive issue lately.
  7. I also was having problems with connecting and the web sites however everything else i tried on the internet worked fine. I traced the route and there were several hops that were going either very slow or timing out. Once i was able to get into the game i traced it again and it was a totally different route. My guess would be an issue with one of the connections along the way and it has been re-routed. Several hours later it's still working and still on the new route, hopefully it holds. West Coast USA, Comcast for internet. Right now it's showing me going from here to amsterdam then to hetzner, usually it shows east coast hops but they are absent.
  8. I have been following this thread out of curiosity and further my troubleshooting knowledge so i have a few questions if you don't mind. I find it odd you are getting that high in memory use - i can hardly get mine to go over 2gb each, are you in highly populated areas or have tons of items laying about, any graphic setting set to extreme? Is your keybind file issue resolved yet? I see Brash asked you about that a few posts up with no reply from you. This one might be more for the devs - i was comparing his console log to a few of mine and see that his Vertex/index buffer memory is showing more than 6 times my highest amount (3787MiB vs 600Mib) - which setting controls that value and could that account for excessive memory use? I had a lot of difficulty with my Radeon R7 370 after upgrading to Windows 10 and Wurm did trigger a lot of the issues, and other games only once in a while. Looking around the internet there are a lot of people unhappy with AMD Drivers. I found a combination of driver version, java version and power/clock settings on my gpu that finally worked stable all the time and i've been hesitant to update the drivers ( Radeon Software 17.6.1) or java 64 bit (Version 8 update 77 1.8.0_77-b03) for not wanting to go through it all over again. Same hardware worked fine on windows 7 with no tinkering. It was so bad at one point i nearly reverted to 7. I use the new main client running up to four accounts in various resolutions and settings in a mix of windowed and windowed full screen modes at the same time on two screens without issue. (other than the same glitches a lot of other people had in early days such as water reflections and snow not rendering at distance on trees and such).
  9. when you say white screen of death is it your screen turns white with some vertical lines running through it and the only way out of it is to force restart the computer?
  10. +1 for all vehicles. It's a bit annoying to be standing in the model for the vehicle but not be able to reach it or something in it. Perhaps the range is designated from a single small point of reference, the actual point that is considered by the server to be the core of the item, could it be made the entire model instead?
  11. Lost Horse

    Horse found and returned. Thank you.
  12. Lost Horse

    So I seem to have lost a horse. Her name is Coffeeadriana, she is cared for by me. A beautiful gold color, she was wearing a saddle, bridle and shoes, but sadly wasn't branded. We were in the area of 34X 22Y (on the Albia map) in the area of the old Pickle Island deed, near the guard tower on the shore. It was getting late so I parked my ship and put her on the beach before logging for the night. I didn't have a tent with me, but had parked and put a horse on dry land that way a few other times and figured it would be safe enough. I logged back in less than 10 hours later and she's gone - as far as I know she was happy and had no reason to run off with the first stranger to walk by. She is still in my Cared For list so I know she's still breathing. A friend with a priest did come and search using Reveal Creatures and we tried tracking but nothing. If you find her you can contact me here or in game and i will come collect her without question.
  13. Zinc rune of Magranon 80c 24,88ql(56%) 24,67ql(56%) 23,76ql(53%) Please COD these three to Butoxy. Thank you!!
  14. Now that's something I could get behind - small cart, small animal for low skills/non-prem accounts. A bit faster than dragging and you don't have the stamina drain so distance is a little bit less of an issue.