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  1. I call it for all servers! My priest is lacking one after I stole his 12 month one
  2. The exclusive spells is due to the lore of the deities of Wurm. Fo is the nature god, Magranon is the God of mining/fighting, Vynora is the Goddess of Knowledge/Crafting etc. Sorry to say, but I doubt any changes to this will be implemented.
  3. Moved to Wurm Online Technical Issues
  4. Hehe, I see the confusion. Neopherus is pronounced Neoferus. Hence the added note on Neophearme
  5. There are toggles indeed. Click the same button again to toggle the filter off. If you've tried this and it still doesn't work, please post in the client bugs forum.
  6. I had the same issue ... before I redownloaded and the influx of players settled down. How you had the problem for as long as you did I don't know, but am immensely sorry to hear.
  7. Hello *waves* I'm Neophearme on Melody. I've been around the block for a little while Currently loitering at Overture Note: Name is pronounced "Neo(p)Hearme" not "..fearme"
  8. You don't have to use steam at all. New servers are available on the client you get from
  9. You're logged in on your steam account and the game accepts the confirmation from steam to verify who you are.
  10. Quote from the blue line (Accounts for New servers) at the top of the forum: At this point any accounts you create will not go to the servers that will be released today, and will not be able to transfer there. This announcement will be changed to indicate when you can create characters that will be able to go to Northern Freedom Isles.
  11. My preferred weaponsmith for 90+ imps. Deserving of a bump!