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  1. Cared for by Quarren. Located bobbing along in the ocean on the east coast of Indy. PM either in game or on forums to arrange return. Currently being kept safe and fed on deed Treehuggers Eden, H25 on in game map.
  2. Low stone walls are exempt of the slope requirement at mine entrances.
  3. Seems there's a need to post a reminder this thread is about future features being implemented, like the Donkey! There are other threads more suited towards rift discussions et al.
  4. Try again now. Loginserver took a short break. Server monkeys apologizes!
  5. I'm having the same issues at times. Just today, I opened a PM and it took 15s for the tab to open. I'm on Inde, the other person was on Defiance. I thought this was a thing only happening from tickets, but I guess not.
  6. Merged similar threads. Thanks @Nordlys
  7. I think you may have a different problem. I logged in just fine now and no downtime per
  8. Wurmpedia - Sell Prices are always the same. 1i+1i per 10QL
  9. Hard mode? I got lost in my own house!
  10. Moved to server bugs