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  1. New Trait?

    Aah ok. Posted this because no-one in CA had heard about it and wiki/forums came up blank. Guess this thread can be used to post test-results etc. then
  2. New Trait?

    Hi. Might have found a new trait. Anyone seen this combo before? "[15:36:42] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. It looks unusually strong and healthy. It has a certain spark in its eyes. It bears the mark of the rift. " This is a 6-7 year old horse. Might be an age-reward?
  3. [Close]WTB 80QL+ Steel & Flint

    85QL 91botd bought for 1s. Thanks Chiry!
  4. [Close]WTB 80QL+ Steel & Flint

    Post offers here or PM me(Neopherus/Pheroneus) in game.
  5. Retrograde hired

    Congrats Retro!
  6. [Close]WTA 90QL Fine Fishingrod 101coc

    Decided to close the auction due to lack of interest. I'll be back! /Terminator
  7. [Close]WTA 90QL Fine Fishingrod 101coc

    Another bumpy! New price.
  8. [Close]WTA 90QL Fine Fishingrod 101coc

    Bump! Can deliver to any coastline on freedom.
  9. Auctioning off this beast of a fishingrod! Willow, 90QL 101 Circle of Cunning Starting price: 4 s Minimum increment: 10 c Buyout: 6 s Ninja-guard: 2 hours Buyout includes free re-imping to 90QL for as long as you(or I) play! Auction ends approximately when I get home from work on Friday. Leaving a bit of leeway due to differences in timezone etc. I'm GMT +1(+2 during daylight savings time) Pickup/delivery can be arranged to any freedom server where I can deliver by the coast.
  10. WTG rares

    [19:12:22] You start to focus your love on the surroundings. Late, I know, but if there's anything left
  11. Bump! Unarchived and back in business. No new items in stock at the moment, but feel free to place a custom order. I'll try to do an update every Friday.
  12. Price Check On An Account - Blahsonson [Please Close]

    Holy! You've been grinding like a boss while I've been gone O_O 600€+ no doubt.(imo)
  13. Wts Trader Contract

    I'll take the trader. Mine died during my hitaus. I'll pick up during the weekend. PM me
  14. Freedom Festival

    Considering entering just for the Caravel prize alone But anywho, I can donate a 90QL spindle or fine fishingrod (winner of said price decides) if wanted.