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  1. I tested this with the standard meal (bear+corn) and it still works as intended.
  2. You will, yes. As mentioned above, ticking the affinity fix will change all affinities tied to your toon.
  3. Anyone posting here, have you toggled the affinity fix on? This is one way and will void any and all affinity calculators
  4. I see low QL coffee like a mug of slushy grout-filled water. Some people are fine with drinking this and as such, I'd give a +1.
  5. My main goal is to hit 100 Carpentry, but that's a fair way off since I'm only at 99.3 at the moment. I did make and hit the goal of 50 Archaeology though! (so.. yay me!)
  6. By the word "loyalty" in the title I assume you mean "Marks", correct? I would support a possibility to reclaim a skin from an item but it would have to be balanced. Say a skin costs 4500 marks, I think it should have to be atleast the same amount of marks to reclaim it. The above is just me taking numbers from other mechanics btw, so I welcome any thoughts about other costs
  7. I fully endorse this suggestion!
  8. Hey Mareridt, I believe this is already known, and there's a workaround to avoid the spam for now: Open settings, go to the UI tab and untick the checkbox "log obscure errors". If nothing else, it'll make the console log a bit tidier
  9. Same issue has been reported on a rare well, in game.
  10. Frigg it! 3s20. Can even void the tail! Who needs balance?
  11. Friggin 1s20c if North, South, East and West legs, plus snoot and tail are still attached on pickup! Ears have a tendency to hide at times, so I'll take my chances on those
  12. As far as I know this is a "Far-in-the-future" plan. I've not seen any mention of "our" devs working on VR so far.