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  1. As far as I know this is a "Far-in-the-future" plan. I've not seen any mention of "our" devs working on VR so far.
  2. As the event is finished and the thread has just turned into a back and forth argument, I'm locking this.
  3. Would like this. Unless I copy+paste the name I send to, I always get semi-paranoid that I had a typo and there's no way to confirm or deny this until the recipient accepts the mail.
  4. Grats! You seem to really like shields, eh? Titlesuggestion: I like shields!
  5. You get my +1 in that case Would be useful!
  6. I do like the promise of this idea. Would it combine all 4 forges and 2 smelters into one "block" like a Bulk Container unit does with BSBs, or just one combined window?
  7. I can see the usefulness in this and will provide my +1.
  8. Fun thread and it's gotten its limelight, but time to take it to where it belongs. Moved to Woodscraps
  9. I'm not a man of many words, so... No.
  10. It's not too new:
  11. Thanks!

    Thanks again Samool! Hope everything turns out even better than hoped!