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  1. This is from the old outdated ingame wiki. The current baking page is here: If you go to the root page Ingame Help, you'll see it's no longer maintained.
  2. What exactly do you mean by this line?
  3. This would do better in Suggestions & Ideas. Moved
  4. It looks like you don't have the latest version of the client. Try re-downloading it from here if the autoupdate fails.
  5. -1 Sailing from server to server could give you 10s-100s of hours of SB if this was implemented. No person would ever sleep anymore.
  6. If this is infact a WU issue, I'd suggest asking the one who owns the server If it's WO you can email And moved to WO issues
  7. Seems the thread has run its course, indeed. Locked
  8. Annalise

    Always sad to see someone pass away. My most sincere condolences to her family and close ones.
  9. Another chat channel? As a CM, I kindly beg NO!
  10. Seems they always show progress towards 100 instead of next skillpoint.
  11. Split from Patch Notes thread. Hopefully someone will find it and be able to assist you.
  12. Did you actually hunt at night? I got a silver mask and a Witch hat in a little over 1 hour today.
  13. Danec is not a typo, it's a historic quote from Notch! Original bugreport with more details here: