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  1. Most of the players who remain in Wurm Online don't mind the repetition. I myself stepped out of the so called portal 3859 days ago. I'm still here, working on carpentry of any kind. If you want higher skillgain, Wurm Unlimited has that covered.
  2. With the insane amount of time and effort it takes to hit true 100 in one skill and the amount of skills there are in Wurm Online, I don't think anyone sees this as a problem.
  3. I just did about 50 tests on one of my boxes. Number didn't change and the examine text was the same for all. I'm assuming you clicked the eye icon at the top of the context menu?
  4. You can edit the title by hitting the edit button on the opening post. Good luck with the auction!
  5. Moved to CA for now. Can be moved back to bugs if it turns out to be one
  6. Apart from meditating, what where you doing when this happened? And what skills were (possibly) affected?
  7. Keeping it simple: I have 2 bloods, send your offer in PM or in this thread
  8. Make the suggestion involve a new skill (cartography) and private maps and you might get my +1
  9. "After careful consideration I've decided to...." NO
  10. The new in game wiki is great! I have no qualms with it, but the option to use get the old one back should be there. The suggestion isn't about the keybind, but the function. This suggestion wouldn't impact *your* keybinds at all.
  11. bind H "toggle wikisearch" I used to hit this button when I needed a reminder, type in the word(s) that would take me to the correct page on the wiki(without having to use the mouse), then read it on my second monitor. After the in game wiki was implemented you have to use the mouse regardless and it takes longer to find the article you need. I miss the old way and would love for it to be added back as an optional way of searching the wiki.
  12. Hello Muffinman! - You can see the current playercount using this link: <- link doesn't include all NFI servers, but it gives a rough picture - Costs are pretty much the same, but having a Trader on deed gives you a 20% discount on upkeep. - Yes, you can sail between each server of your cluster(Remember to plot course!). South Freedom(old) and North Freedom(new) are separated however.
  13. Closing this as the issue is resolved
  14. How is the terrain there?