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  1. Thanks every one. I'm going to take some time and explore Indy a bit starting in the North East. A lot of warm welcomes - love it so far!
  2. This was exactly the kind of reply I was hoping for! Thank you!!
  3. Thinking about a move from my sleepy server (Pristine) to Indy. It's SO quiet there that it was nice initially, but now I'm thinking it's too quiet. (7 people at it's lowest and 30 average at it's peak.) Any one know where there is a nice size patch of land to settle? Most of the land seems to be mountains. I'm looking for flatlands and hills. Access to water isn't super important but would be helpful for parking the boats. I can explore for myself - but I was just wondering what areas I should go looking... Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Near the inner sea? I may be interested in joining a village - but it would need to be spacious enough for me to add a few large buildings. (I can contribute to deed fees if I did join.) Thanks and stay safe!
  4. Lost dragon

    I fully agree and endorse the idea of public encounters being planned. When someone sees these types of spawns - they should be announced and posted here in our server forum. I know we're a "sleepy" server with 20-27 players online during peak times - but we should try and become more of a community. +1.0 skill gain for the idea Stanlee.
  5. I would like to purchase #42 and #100. Please message me with prices. Im VERY interested. Thx!
  6. As the Title says - I'm looking to buy a Large Maul and Huge Axe. 70+ QL. With or without WoA enchant. Will pay respectable prices for them. If you can offer one and not the other - that's fine too. Message me here on the forums.
  7. Wow. I had heard that there was still plenty of land available inland on Harmony. But I guess this new map no one can really say there isn't going to be enough shoreline... Cause I'm seeing A LOT of shoreline. Shorelines, shorelines everywhere!! Lol. The shape isn't all that great overall - but I do like how there is A TON of shoreline AND MOST of it is actually connected so it looks like highways can be done. My only question is it in theme with the general flatlands of the northern islands? Some mountains but nothing too crazy where deeding is more difficult like some of the southern isle servers. Hopeful overall - but I'll be staying on Harmony when this server releases.
  8. OBVIOUSLY - I'm not trying to claim an entire mountain range. I'm just trying to share some thoughts with an entire soon to be alliance of villages - where we can all have nearby deeds together.
  9. So with the Harmony server map just released - anyone eyeing possible mountains we should claim? I'm liking the coastal center mountain range personally. It allows every dwarf here to have a stake as well as the land just to the west of it (L-15) for farming and wood gathering.
  10. How did the move go?

    Sorry to hear of your continued struggles friends. Hopefully they find a way to resolve the server issues soon and quickly! ❤️
  11. Hello friends in Xanadu! Was just curious to know how your guys' server move went! Are you noticing improvements? - From your friends on Pristine
  12. This is a great up and coming server! Very helpful and caring staff! I've been playing now about a week and am really enjoying my time on Western Union. You can tell the staff really care about theie server! *Highly Recommend*
  13. Awesome! Thanks guys! I look forward to seeing you online!
  14. Question: Why do none of the links work on your website?