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  1. I figured it must of had a name. Lol. Thanks!
  2. After scouting out several areas and a few hangups - I have settled on Pristine. Thank you for every comment and suggestion. I did my best to follow your guys' advice. I almost settled on a couple different spots but eventually found my new home without settling for just any place to create a settlement.
  3. If you would be so kind as to add: Settlement Name: Puerto Ysabela Location: 1630, 620 Thank you my friend!
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone. Although I am currently on Xanadu, I think I may head to a smaller map. Exodus was my home for a while but I don't think I'll be heading back that way. I initially moved from Exo to Xan to be with friends who are no longer playing and there isn't much making me want to return there. Maybe I'll try Deliverance. It would seem like it's more of a hub between the 3 large islands/servers. Still not sure because Pristine and Release also seem like they would be nice servers - even for just a short time while I increase my skill sets. So I guess I haven't fully made up my mind yet. I'm going to have to try and figure out just what I want to do. But I know one thing for certain, I'm gonna have to acquire a ship if I'm going to go anywhere first. Lol. Can you still hitch a horse to a ship and carry it across servers? I'm kinda partial to one I found getting my bearings back in game last night. We've been through quite a bit already and a good friend (albeit it a 4 legged one) is always something you never toss aside.
  5. Hi all, I'm just wondering if there is a recommended map to place a PvE deed. I haven't played sine 2016 and would like to look at carving out a little piece of Wurm again for myself. Is it pretty much where ever you can find a spot or are there spots everywhere? My preference is to have a water source nearby but it doesn't have to be oceanfront property. Just some place I can have a boat dock now and again. Hope everyone is having fun!
  6. Whoever created the Monument - it's breathtaking. One suggestion: Place a BSB and a sign nearby for people to place flowers when they visit...
  7. I petition the Dev Team and Rolf that if there is ever a new map/server created for Wurm Online - it be respectfully named "Oracle."
  8. Farewell old friend. Thank you for helping me years ago. You will forever be remembered here in Wurm.
  9. I work a graveyard shift as well - but I invested in a USB drive and just plug it into my work pc
  10. Dark dreams of the Black Light

  11. This player echoes my thoughts exactly. Especially as a new player. When I first started over a year ago - I went online, checked the maps over and over looking for undeed areas then went into the game to see them for myself (like buying a real house.) But to my surprise there were already deeds there. New players hear about this survivalist game where you can build everything yourself and live off the land. A more hardcore version of the softcore Minecraft. Players like myself and cmiddlebrook didn't want neighbors or some economy. We wanted the wilderness. Coastal or not. It's important that new players have that kind of option. And if Rolf wants to create a few more servers while fixing fixing bugs and adding features in between each new server - so be it. And yea - if Rolf added a single player version of this game - some of would buy it. No one wants to spend hours of their Saturday or whatever bashing a wall or house that was abandoned by someone else. They want to stumble upon that beautiful scenic location where they look at it and say - this is it. This is where I will build my little home and begin settling into. I understand that this thins out the population and unfortunately - that is the reality. I can only hope that the servers begin increasing population with real gameplay changes that keep its existing base while adding newer players. If Rolf is looking to add the new multi-story housing and kill bugs after the release of Celebration - maybe it will work out in the long run. Only time will tell. But it seems to me that he has at least the drive to make things work one way or another. Especially with a small team of paid and volunteer developers and employees. But hey - I'm an optimist that believes time cures all wounds.
  12. After you hit "Play" it brings up the splash loading screen and gets to Connecting. It then says: Network Error.
  13. Taken from The Wild Wurm Premier Fansite ( -
  14. Thanks! I'm doing my best to... especially those in game wanting to club me to death. Lol. There's still a lot of work that needs to be done to the site. I need to put up some more links to guides and make a page that helps new players in general. But it's coming along nicely. Trying to write as often as possible with good quality stuff. But look for more diversity in what I'm writing about soon. It'll all be Wurm related - just not so much broad-stroked Wurm vs Other MMOs. Thanks for the feedback and glad to have you as a reader! Yea - I'm hoping it does too! Wrote another article today. Thanks for reading!! If you haven't already - please subscribe and maybe even recommend it to someone who you think might get a kick out of it! Have some more smaller articles coming in the next 2 days - announcements and stuff like that incoming. PS - I wonder if anyone will catch the great reference I threw in as a fun bonus. Let me know if you do!
  15. "Having girl problems - I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but a B*^c# ( <--- insert JK here) ain't one!" Atrayu