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  1. I always had the GLSL set to core, that worked awesome. Now i run on 3-5 fps with core on and when i disable it its a bit better, but still terrible.
  2. Terrible fps drops when surrounded by trees (since 1.1)
  3. same here. Wurm is unplayable for me now coz of the fps drop. Pls give me my life back :'(
  4. Terrible update, paperdoll sucks imo, i crashed over 15 times in 2 days and as soon as i have a few trees in my view i drop like 30 fps.. wurm is kinda unplayable for me since 1.1. Played 5 months without problems and now i cant do much anymore.
  5. I have exactly the same problem, when im lookin to trees now my FPS drops horribly. When there arent any trees around its ok.
  6. Am i the only who dont like this at all and just prefers the old stuff?
  7. I can see my horse gear now besides the barding, it appears that a saddle and barding cant be on at the same time without one dissappearing ^^
  8. This is awesome news low QL cotton ftw
  9. Lololol, masonas u look like a character from "The Sims"
  10. Did u folks earn 5h of sb?
  11. Played ultima online for 10 years. My PvP buddy was named Tony Montana and he needed a wife, so at that time 10,5 years earlier Lorena was born
  12. Yeah its called rarity window. U can check the time of the window at Ur settlement token and this timer is capped at 10 secs i believe...
  13. Prune hedges before u bash them, extremely easy then
  14. As the title says. All i hear all day is: hello, how are U!? But never hear: bye, later, cya whatever...
  15. I tried to reload my PC, tried to click play on website and tried to launch the destop button. Nothin works, any tips for a PC noob?
  16. Here bro. />http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/63471-configuring-the-client-looking-nice-while-running-on-low-settings/