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  1. Indeed, this happened with Ele reset And now we stuck with this shitmap, ah well, at least affliction is around
  2. Most loyal and active Epic players voted No for an Elevation map reset, this was a bad idea back then with only 64% of the votes being yes. Affliction reset on the other hand was a huge succes with 90%+ Yes votes, this server had the biggest epic population eventually.
  3. In memory of my countries football, once it was good
  4. Haha u reminded me of this https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/profile/62337-lorenabanana/
  5. I want to sincerely thank the wurm team for making our epic characters usefull again. I have played 350+ days on my main account and for a long time I thought all of this time played was totally gone since our cluster had an incredibly low playerbase. Many of u know my forum reputation isn't the best around and I'm this never sober retard kid. I have complained a bit over the years about things, like the hardcore nerf of libila, the reset of our lovely elevation, the toxic that playergods were/are and probably much more. But I think it's time for a thanks now, for the first time in years I feel like we are all being treated as equal wurmians. And with all the sweat and work we epic folks put in our accounts, I think this is more then fair. We might have 2x skillgain and this curve thing but we also dealt with horror things like Valrei events that destroyed months of work deeds in a matter of a few mins. Or going out and having 10+ drake spirits spawn on top of us. Times weren't always easy but after all I really enjoyed wurm all these years. And when I finally gave up on epic and came on this totally non skilled account to freedom, this news comes up. I'm sure u make a lot of people happy and make a lot of people come back. We are all wurmians after all and we all deserve to have fun with eachother together, no matter what cluster we picked in our noob days. Happy wurming and thanks again o/!
  6. 99.992 http://buddat.net/epicSkills.html
  7. @whykillme arent u getting tired of urself bruh?
  8. I strongly disagree on most of ur points
  9. I dont count FS as a skill btw
  10. Probably not much, I have 100 fishing (usefull huh?) and i wont be suprised if im only BL player that has a 100 skill. There might be some 100 HFC kiddos and i know the strongest epic character has 100 digging. I dont know many other folks with 100 skills. there might be a few more tho.
  11. Just a note, Affliction reset was a huge success and still is. It had 90%+ yes votes and the affliction 1.0 map was totally destroyed by Valrei events. Elevation reset was an utter fail, it had not even 65% yes votes and many many loyal epic players voted no. Also the map wasn't destroyed like affliction 1.0 was. So a reset isn't always a no go.
  12. So if I do this, will my account be the same, skill and statwise when I decide to go back to epic from Freedom?
  13. Elevation was great Untill the map was reset
  14. Can someone explain in childish English what this topic means? English is not my native language lol
  15. Hi boys and girls on freedom, I have a great sailboat and it is rare. What i dont have tho is a shipbuilder friend, or shipbuilding skill myself. I am looking for a person who is willing to improve my boat from 44 QL to at least 90 QL. I will pay very well. Please send me a pm if u want to do this favor for this freedom noob. Hugs and Kisses, Schulty (ingame name)