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  1. Old cluster characters convertible to new cluster? Thanks for answering btw guys ^.^
  2. Yoooo lads, ur favorite carebear here. So this game released on steam huh? What happened to my old clusters? Whats new and how are things looking? If someone can give me small summary that would be great. Lots of love, Loren
  3. Thanks a lot guys, I will buy a new power supply soon and let my mate build it in
  4. Libila could use some passives, good to see that this topic is finally discussed
  5. According to some PC technician friends the problem lies with my power supply (Voeding in dutch), when my computer boots up a game (anything else then a browser surf) my power supply goes to higher power and then automatically shuts to power save mode and shut down my PC while producing weird sounds and everything just stops. Is this possible wurm friends :)?
  6. Update: still cant play wurm haha Now u guys probably understand why I am a console pvper in heart lol