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  1. Thanks a lot guys, I will buy a new power supply soon and let my mate build it in
  2. Libila could use some passives, good to see that this topic is finally discussed
  3. According to some PC technician friends the problem lies with my power supply (Voeding in dutch), when my computer boots up a game (anything else then a browser surf) my power supply goes to higher power and then automatically shuts to power save mode and shut down my PC while producing weird sounds and everything just stops. Is this possible wurm friends :)?
  4. Update: still cant play wurm haha Now u guys probably understand why I am a console pvper in heart lol
  5. Computer was build from scratch by the company i ordered the parts at (at the time my friend picked the items and made the company assemble it). Azerty is the name of the company, one of the best hardware sites in Holland. The RAM update happened months ago and my wurm issues suffer only since a week or 2 so i am pretty sure this cant be the problem. All drivers are updated atm, Geforce experience is toggled off and i changed some wurm settings but no success yet. I crash in a few minutes (monitor swaps to power safe mode and after a reboot everything works again) Well anyways, thanks a lot for all of u trying to help but it seems im out of options untill i buy a new computer
  6. Oh and btw: a few months ago I had my irl buddy put in 8GB extra RAM in the PC so it went from 8 to 16 and he cleaned the PC from dust while he was installing that...
  7. Thanks for replies and trying to help guys, I downloaded this HWMonitor program to monitor everything while running wurm. GPU temperature goes to a maximum of 60ish and my CPU never goes above 48ish celcius. I indeed run a GTX 760 as brash said and this I5 processor. Weird thing is I can run everything perfectly fine on PC, games like DayZ standalone, shroud of the avatar and more, I can also easily let a cryptocurrency miner run for hours without any problem. I disabled GeForce experience while running wurm earlier and will see if that works after I finish my nightshift. Maybe that causes problems? Last night my monitor fell into powersafe mode without the sound error things and couldn't get it on again. Once again, only worked after a total reboot. Weirdest thing is that wurm runs for 5-7 mins and temps are perfect and then computer just decides to throw the screen to black or just blatantly crashes lol I'll try to lower some settings in wurm Options later on too, I'll keep u updated Cheers
  8. Java seems up to date and my CPU temperature and GPU temperature are perfectly fine. Still not able to run wurm on my pc lolol, what a way to end 5,5 years of playing Guess we will meet again if I have a new pc one day ^.^