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  1. A tear fell out of my eye when I saw this topic again, damn Rose...
  2. Player gods, one of the main reasons epic died
  3. Sup rose, u were a true Libila lover, so u wil always be a legend
  4. Play PUBG bro?
  5. @Retrograde Anything about a Religion overhaul known yet?
  6. Hatchet, Steel, 4QL, 69CoC - 26C Hatchet, Steel, 4QL, 70CoC - 27C Mail to Schulty for 70C pls
  7. Something big needs to be done to revert the dead of epic. It saddens me so much
  8. Talking about oldfarts o/ @wasntme
  9. Send me a friend request in Sota, my name is: The Noob. I have played 400ish hours and kinda like the game altho im more active in BF1.
  10. Nowadays including excited retard voices
  11. As most of u know i have been a very active player for years on the epic cluster like many others here. I still login now and then to see how its going on over there coz i cannot see the player numbers on the forums anymore. Its shocking how low the population is nowadays, its horribly low and there is no sign of it getting better it seems. Is there any plans in the works? Or is it just gonna bleed out? It really saddens me to see that the cluster i have been on for years is like completely empty. Anyone has ideas? Thoughts? Discussions?
  12. RIP
  13. hueheue