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  1. @RetrogradeDankjewel
  2. This guy is a legit trader, he is quick and kind
  3. Roccandil is slowly becoming my favorite wurmian, keep it up bro
  4. Should also accept cryptocurrencies to make this test even better
  5. Yeah just wondered who he killed on epic when he got it pretty humiliating if it's an enemy player and not an own alt lol
  6. Really curious who u slain with ur belaying pin lol
  7. 20s
  8. Is the movement speed bonus per armor part or with a full armor equipped? So fe. Do I get 2% movement bonus for equipping just one tin boot?
  9. Haha this is coated lol
  10. Overly aggressive, after all these years I had no clue it bites randomly when emote at it, thanks for this.
  11. This thread is hilarious lol, keep it up "girls"
  12. Thread looks like a pve vs pvp thread lol, wonder what camp I belong in as a pve carebear who has played on pvp servers for years without doing much pvp