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  1. Howdy friend.


    A new camper made a deed just south of ur deed (may be a squatter waiting for ur deed to fall). His name is Baskale. His deed is Basky's Base, located at 38x45y. just down the hill (north) of that tar pit there.


    I hope ur deed don't fall anytime soon. But if it should, u just doing other things is fine. Peace, but have fun, lol.


    Both Ray and Trey's deeds have fallen. ? 

  2. I think it is a good deal, the Christmas Gift. It is in the spirt of giving, and regardless of what it is, the wife and I were eagerly awaiting it. That we need to be premium to get it, is just fair to the game IMO. On that note, A happy holidays to all.
  3. For reference I too am experiencing this issue.
  4. The 2 rare chests and waterskins, what would you be asking? I am horrible at offering, as I often ask too low.
  5. Thanks much folks. Is good to know, I have limited movement now.. been over 2hrs... How do I alter my sig? I want it to say Perodin / Ratheden, Thanks I know I should not double up on questions in a post like this but it is a simple (I hope) answer.
  6. I seem to be having mass lag, when I log in the screen does not fully load and I am unable to move. Is anyone else having this issue? I have tested the chat at 3min+ delay and that is if it posts at all. To me it seems a link between me a wurm has died. Looking for other with this issue or advice if it is on my end on how to fix it. Perodin/Ratheden PS. Where is the signature located so that I may add one? cannot seem to find it in the account or profile settings. Thanks. Pero.
  7. +1 Remove the silly animations. too cartoonish.
  8. Bee Hives are one of the nicer things added to wurm in recent times. That said, the spam they produce in your event window is horrible. with each hive it goes up, and in a decent sized area, with hives supporting various farms and whatnot, the spam from them never seems to end. [14:18:59] You hear bees, maybe you are getting close to a hive. [14:19:26] The sounds of bees disappears in the distance. On top of it being spam, it is Green Spam, so your eye is constantly drawn to it as if it was important. Now my suggestion: A: Add Hives to the profile, which when checked will turn off ALL hive messages. This will allow a player whom has gotten his hives up and running, and no longer wishes to find any wild hives, to turn off the spam of nearing and leaving the area of a hive. B: This is my less liked option, but have only "wild hives" produce these messages. I include this for simplicity. Edit. I would suggest in profile in game, so that at moments notice, you can turn it back on/off, having found a need for it.
  9. Known to me as Tich and Pifa, you will be greatly missed. Perdodin/Ratheden
  10. Looking to spend 50c total for some eggs, Mailed to Perodin. I know the mail cost will get me less eggs then pickup, but I am ok with that.