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  1. Fo*s Fluffy Fairy will attend!
  2. My dear Wurmians I was thinking about attending the impalong tho its not sure i will be already at home at the 9th. lets see just wanted to know if my kind of bit unusual way of attending and helping will be possible at your place!? I am Fo's Fluffy Fairy, a dedicated Fo Priestess and Animal Breeder. I would bring my champ bear "fluffy", so i would need an offdeed area or a deed without attacking guards, i normally build him a 2x2 big pen, i also need a 2nd pen for the horses to work on, i also need space to park my wagon and my pavillion tent. What i normally offer: Future reading (traits of animals) Breeding of horses with stallions of all colors, 5speeder(since i only recently moved to xan, i would have to rely on friends or you guys to offer that.) Removal of bad spirits (Genesis cast on animals) Life Transfer cast on weapons if other fo priests are around Pendulum Enchants to find rare creatures + a 70+ Leatherworker Goods i can bring with me: 80ql farming products like Cotton, Wemp, Veggies Hope to see you all this weekend! Fluffiest, Celeia
  3. Pristines Fluffiest Sparkling 5Speeder Buy one, and you get a lucky 4Speeder for free! Sparkling horses + Unicorns + Hellhorses bred with heart and magic by Pristines Fluffiest Fairy! Free Delivery! Voila my loved ones: HORSES We now have 5Speed-Unicorns(sly, fierce, angry, normal ones) and Hellhorses for sale! 4s each! Me and my horses live at Harvest Moon (x8/9 y13), thats at the romantic Black Lake at the north-western side of the southern desert aka The Wastelands. For more information and questions pls /pm Celeia ingame! Fluffiest, your fairy
  4. Flashsarah found near black lake/desert
  5. still in need of many fluffy minions to mine their cute asses off
  6. Todays Guard Strike seems to have some sideeffects!?! and those poor guys... well..shouldnt leave their house for a while later i discovered 20! more trolls behind the first treeline....
  7. Pls consider, putting someone on your KOS list is a real serious act and shouldnt be taken lightly, AND NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO DO IT. It is one of many ways to say "no" to certain people and their behaviour. This post only informs the community who they may thank for those 5h SB, they got or havent got. The initiator of this topic hasnt told anybody to do anything, he just asked for information and provides information. What people do with this information is their business. Edit: Me loves my wurm cause of my social community so after considering the sentences written before i make my own private choice. Stay Fluffy! and dont get overworked about something that is every deed owners own decision Edited this cause, hm cause, didnt change my opinion about it, but that sentence sounded too proud for something that sad...
  8. Heya The Fluffy Fairy spend 2 hours trying to load some crates in a cog... So i thought, when i finally succeeded, to make some screens so others have a lil help positioning the ship and crates! If someone knows a better or easier way, pls enlighten us. (sometimes i am so fluffy i dont see the obvious ) Stay fluffy and save travels! Celeia
  9. Pls Add the 2 Fluffy Flyway Entrance Deeds "Fluffy Flyway's Bar and Grill"( y13-14/x3) and "Fluffy Flyway" (y13x15) + the existing tunnel parts as a sort of highway to the map! you can add public silver and iron veins, mailboxes and altars of all gods at the length of the flyway if you like, atm not shipable only rideable If possible in pink, so people recognize it easier, its a kinda trademark for the project oh and there is a public clay pit directly under the first y of "Fluffy Flyway" in y12-13x14-15 on the map FLuffiest The Fairy
  10. Hey! 4 of my horses "vanished" from my deed High Dive (SW coast) 1-2 days ago under real strange circumstances! 2 i got back with gm help Still missing are my golden Boys Dreameagle and Wilddog! Pls pm Celeia, Celan, or my awesome minions Shindar, Aum, Blastspawn and Dredbanger if you see/find them! I also offer a reward of 1s for the lucky finder! Thanks! Fluffiest, the Fairy PS a tip from the fairy: clear your friendlist, and make sure settings are right on carts, deeds and houses, and your gate are securly locked, someone is out there!
  11. Vanished from High Dive/ Harvest Moon golden Boys Dreameagle and Wilddog Pls Pm me if you see them! They were "found" and returned, so forgiven and forgotten
  12. No Risk no fun Sweety Getting eaten by spiders contributes to Wurm's Charmes! btw you can just drop 1 dirt in the middle of a 2x2 tile sand area and it all becomes dirt, and then you can plant gras on it May the Fluff and Fo be with you