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  1. I found my deed destroyed, if they don't spawn they may walk anyway
  2. The only thing that must be changed is to increase the randomize of spawn locations. It's unbelievable that people deeds whole mountains especially on little servers, only to be warned when their unique has spawned. Give space to true seekers!
  3. Currently more PMK, means more activity especially on a dead server. Should be easy make it with a litte group. +1
  4. no, this seems to be related to the monthly skin files
  5. Question, is the shield skin only for large ones?
  6. Hello PM for offers, thanks
  7. -1 After so many years of Wurm PvP, this is ridiculous
  8. Physical movements on the server have always been determined by a consumption of stamina, from day one. If you decide to remove the stamina drain for boats category, you are going to alter an important part of the game. -1 I fully agree with Platinumteef, there are already ways to regain stamina which make you perform an action to do so. You or the team mate. And yes, please rework or remove the current sailing mechanics. It’s kinda difficult dealing with it during pvp.
  9. Sold, please can close
  10. You can PM me, thanks😉
  11. What if we make artifacts slightly emerge from the ground? I mean something not too obvious and that will still require to locate and dig them up. Like a little excalibur 😀
  12. Sorry but have to disagree, interesting idea but too easy.