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  1. Physical movements on the server have always been determined by a consumption of stamina, from day one. If you decide to remove the stamina drain for boats category, you are going to alter an important part of the game. -1 I fully agree with Platinumteef, there are already ways to regain stamina which make you perform an action to do so. You or the team mate. And yes, please rework or remove the current sailing mechanics. It’s kinda difficult dealing with it during pvp.
  2. Sold, please can close
  3. What if we make artifacts slightly emerge from the ground? I mean something not too obvious and that will still require to locate and dig them up. Like a little excalibur
  4. Sorry but have to disagree, interesting idea but too easy.
  5. Hello Like the title says, preferably 90QL and runed. Thank you
  6. No, you don't need to be a priest but i won't deny that they are usefull especialy in a pvp squad. (I spent most of my time as non priest on pvp) @Rhianna You're right, what i said doesn't justify the current situation about Epic
  7. You should join a kingdom like we all did at the start, Wurm is community. I'm 100% sure every kingdom has their crafter to provide you all the stuff you'll need. And, btw. Grinding Epic skills to 70 is very quick. 70 skill on Epic equals to almost 90 effective skill except fighting and characteristics. Begin in a group it's a priority, especially for the newcomers. Without a minimum of knowledge and strategy you ain't going anywhere.
  8. Can I feel comfortable and continue my game or will you decide to delete original WO after the new Steam release? @Retrograde@Rolf Is there a possibility if the original game will be depopulated? I feel sorry for the questions, but as a loyal customer i must know if i have to interrupt my loyalty after 10 years of premium non stop. (I'm not the only one) What i wanna know is if in case of low population the game will be sustainable for the company. I just wanna make sure if is it worth keep playing. And if more update/merging options might be a real option.
  9. The thread has been updated! Check the first post
  10. WO Steam Discussion

    I don't see why the Steam players must start playing on a separate cluster. Going on Steam it's an important step, can we finally unificate the game making something of great?