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  1. Join here! JK is waiting for you!
  2. Here And a group in JK Chaos
  3. I just got stuck at the water level while fighting a mob into a cave. I could see my horse over me at the cave floor. After relog got fixed but this issue keep happening. (Stable client)
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  5. Merge Epic and Chaos, make a new map. Wurm pvp will survive.
  6. ^This Also Whykillme is an old JK player, now more freedomer but still he is.. As a well know Kingdom member i apologise for what happened.
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  8. Feeling so sad, he has been the man who received and teached me when i first came on Chaos 5 years ago. Good times with You, Adamz and Baldeagleog. Really a good person very generous. I will miss you, your memory will remain forever Good bye Friend
  9. We use trowels to spy the enemy Join JK Today
  10. Weren't artifacts already balanced removing critical hit, teleporting and changing their recharging? I guess they are fine now. Also the last pvp events on Chaos seems to be more fun since this change. (correct me if i'm wrong)
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