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  1. So far not a single reasonable/valid argument was given against a counter-spell. Both Rites should counter terrains to avoid abuse. Both Rites should give a bonus equal to 5h SB (per day considering cooldowns etc). Are you even trying?
  2. Forcing people to counter a simple spell with manual hardworking is seriously wrong.
  3. Yeah, that's right. Over 100. Let's see if it ever get's back to these numbers. Cause I don't see a slightest reason why would it. Not unless there are large group of home players willing to transfer. I don't know of any atm. We can obviously discuss the definition of "collapse", I measure numbers and public activity. That's what matters for me as an opponent. OK, it is far indeed, and it had JK towers there (not anymore), but that does not contradicts the fact that a lot of small skirmishes happened near there and that area was considered dangerous to go. Anyway I already understood that this topic makes little sense. With the old players openly opposing these changes nothing gonna move on. It will continue to be a place for a few old players with several newbies jumping in and out.
  4. Yeah, there were times when we had clashes on HotA, equal numbers and stuff. After a few big battles you stopped coming to HotA and your online dropped a lot. For the next few months until BL came it was safe to go all around HS, Avarga desert and pretty much everywhere except your deeds.
  5. First of all, general statistics for games says that summer time has the least amount or active players. Normally. But that doesn't matter here. Do not take it as an offence, but you are on top of the food chain, being able to enjoy PvP. That's why you can only see people coming on and off and consider it normal. Cause that's the way it always was. Epic can only be a place for a small amount of people. Despite it is designed for a large groups. It will never grow, only, possibly, re-grow.
  6. Not that you may have heard about most of them, since we focus on Russian market. Here is a link to my profile, if that helps. They were MMORPGs, Strategy games, MOBA games, and as mobile developers we made a Tower Defense game, TBS game and a battler. My primary role is production, meaning I am involved in both Developing and Operating. For example I am responsible for analytic and gathering player's feedback to improve the game. This also include feature design and brainstorm. As well as monetize. Yet my proposals were focus on player retention. It's also important that I have played and enjoyed a ton of games from UO and EvE online that are hardcore sandboxes to casual MMO and shooter stuff. Duels does not allow to fight JK vs BL, for example. Nor do they allow mass PvP. I do agree about "fun" part and that's my sole point here. PvP can be fun, but not on Chaos. Because you rarely fight equally, and even trying costs you a lot. That's why the only type of players that get fun are those who dominate. Providing they have their pray. It's no fun for the rest. And painful to even try and do something. Fixing special moves is just a tip of the iceberg. The core problem is that there is no motivation to PvP and it's painful to just try. No, I am not. The sole reason I joined Wurm 2 years ago was because it is Hardcore. Full drop. Sandbox. I enjoy this hardcore soul. You are right that a large amount of people can fix things. But you wont get large numbers at once. And in order for a few numbers to stay, they should have their own share of fun. And they can't at the moment. Because if you are not in a pack and you don't have unlimited equipment or easy means to replace it, PvP is not for you. You have no reason to try it, no safe place to fight against equally powerful enemies, no place to learn. You get nothing from it. It's painful.
  7. As you can see, I am not proposing to speed up skillgain. Heck, PvP happens much later than you learn how to craft decent equipment. The issue here is about time to replace it. And even than, there is no point in it. Stocking equip? OK, a lot of us do this. But, you know, how much fun in loosing a full plate set even of 70-80 ql comparing to the time needed to replace it? Are you willing to try and fight for no reason risking a few hours of your time you will loose into equipment? No. Improvements should be on both sides. Easier to replace and more meaningful PvP.
  8. Hello there. Welcome to yet-another-stupid-topic where I share my no-one-cares thoughts on this matter. You may have noticed, but online numbers on Epic have dropped a little bit. Over the last year we lost many active players to a point when major factions almost entirely disappeared. We had times when the whole Elevation had mere 10-20 online. Oh, right, those times are not gone. First MRE collapsed. Than JKE. Now it’s turn for BL, who consumed the rest of our active players. By the way, you may want to check our auction tab, you will see many good accounts there for a cheap price. Now let’s cut that dramatic line and talk a bit about why is this happening. Before I start, let me first tell a bit about myself. I am quite familiar with game industry, in fact I’ve been working in it for more than 8 years, first on PC MMOs, now switched to mobile. I’ve seen lots of projects gone up and down, participated in a few developments and played a lot. My honest wish for Wurm is to rise and shine. From my professional point of view, despite sandbox MMOs are all shine now, Wurm is like dinosaur in this new age. If it won’t evolve, it will die. What is the core problem of Wurm? Basically, it’s because “Effort spend < Fun receivedâ€. By this I mean that in order to have fun you need to spend 3 times much effort. And since almost all content is limited, except for PvP, your fun eventually drops, but the effort stays almost constant. Here is an example. In order to build a house, you have to spend 10 hours of your life. It is an enormous amount of time, if we compare it to modern games. Over time, this number will drop by 5 hours, but how much more fun will you get after your fourth and fifth house? A good example of a game that utilizes building is (forgive me, Rolf) Minecraft. Building is fast there. And it’s fun. This was an example, I am not saying we should be all like Minecraft. Of cause, some players like it hardcore. Not many, but they do. If we look into crafting, this “fun formula†will be even less balanced. In order to craft yourself equipment, you have to spend hundreds of hours. And how much fun will you get? Eventually zero. Rarity system makes it even worse, since at some point normal items are not seen as something worthy. Now, when it comes to PvP in Wurm, it can be extremely fun. But it is rarely equal for both sides and occurs extremely rare. All because of the efforts you have to spend in order to replace your lost equipment. People prefer to sit in their castles, because the fun they may get (if they win) is much less than the risk. I've got a rare ada helmet, for example. And extremely good ada maul. Do you know how many times they have participated in PvP? Zero. In fact this have stopped me a few times from participating. Now, let’s talk about fixing this. All devs prefer to have simple solutions at the minimal cost, so I will propose the most simple solutions. Reduce timer for all actions by 3. Speed up crafting by 3. Eliminate rarity system. Alternatively, make some resource spawns rare (like rare iron ore) and all things produced from it should be of according rarity. Let them exhaust and respawn fast, so people will be constantly eager to look for them and control. Make mid\high-end PvE content. It could be castles\garrisons with guards\human NPCs\goblins\whatever that can sometimes drop weapons\armor that is worth using. Allow safe PvP. There should be a place where people can try fighting without risking their equipment. Arena or something. Where people can learn and have their fun. Make PvP more meaningful. There should be things people want to fight over: resource spawns, monster spawns, i.e. important areas to control. It's just a general idea, as we all understand what this is about. We all can generate a ton of ideas. Oh, and the last thing. There is but one hardcore sandbox game that survived everything and evolved. Eve online. Have a good look at it. I hope Wurm will become another good example. Thanks for reading.
  9. Jkh Down

    I guess server just can't bear all those new BL's who joined us recently and felt due to overload.
  10. Hi! I've been using mining client quite a bit. It used to work at 180-200 i/hr with my GeForce GTX680. But suddenly it dropped to just 35-40 per hour. I've tried updating my drivers but that did not helped. What could have happened? Edit: nevermind, went through the topic and understood it.
  11. One of the reasons I liked Wurm was its unrestricted PvP. Thievery and griefing was a part of it. And I liked it. It was exciting, having a possibility that your house can be looted by a thief and that you have to protect it, hide treasures, build hidden spots. It's like a real world. A whole bunch of possibilities. Killing, when noone can see you. Looting when no one is around. That should be logical. You should only become "Haunted" if someone is around and saw your crime. So, +1.