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  1. In 0.53 I played until after I finished the first rescue mission given at the forest encampment. At the start of the next one the NPC told me he gave me a schematic for a weapon that i didnt get, i assume becuase that weapon hadnt been added into the game yet. I then checked the patch notes for future versions and they said that the weapon he was supposed to give me then had been added to the game in those future versions. So yeah, just seems like it was incomplete.
  2. Yeesh, yeah, that sounds pretty unplayable. Was this in .53 or .62? Come to think of it, though, I did have an NPC go naked once in .53, just re-loaded. The equipent didnt save when i released them, but I figure that is just unimplimented or poorly explained. The only other real bug I found was an NPC pathing error in a quest, had to dig a tunnel for him underneath some terrian obstacles so he could get where he wanted to go .
  3. I played the story campaign up to the point where there wasnt any more content without enountering anything gamebreaking (in the free version), what bugs did you run into?
  4. Hey all. There probably arent too many of you that know me, but I just found a pretty interesting indie game that is an RPG with crafting, custom items, construction and terrian modification so I thought some of you might be interested. As you may have guessed it is called Planet Explorers and it is curently in Alpha. If you pre-order you have access to the curent build, otherwise you can play an earlier build for free, just to try it out. Anyway, here's a link and here's a trailer: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AljyzPfY0Ao
  5. Found a related bug. I called my guards on a couple of animals on deed today and only one guard responded, even after having called them 6 or more times per creature. I then kited one guard out of the mine (the only one in there as far as I could tell) and the next time I called them four guards responded.
  6. Took 45 minutes this time. The neighboring deed fired their spirit templar so i had to kite more mobs to a neighboring tower to get them to kill the mobs so i had room to kite the guards from my tower out of my mine.
  7. That is some significant bunching there.... No idea what is causing it...
  8. I tried disabling animations and turned down must of the graphics in case it was some kind of graphical lag. That did not resolve the issue.
  9. I have tried to go through the double doors of two Inns today, one at Hillside Hideout and the other by Rockcliff Parkland. The former Inn only had double doors, which I was unable to pass through, the latter had both single and double and I could pass through the single but not the double. All the doors in question were locked. I will conduct some quick testing tomorrow when I log back on, if there is anything in specific you would me to try let me know.
  10. That is impressive. I have never had it that bad... you have multiple entrances in range of the tower I am guessing?
  11. Had to go tower guard fishing again so I decided to bump this thread, woo!
  12. Plant it solid with Enchanted olive trees .
  13. Hey all, I have been exploring different options for the community map to increase functionality and what not and in doing so I found a nice little online image zooming app that seems to work pretty well with the map, so here is a link to it displaying the Inde map, enjoy. I plan on continuing to explore other options though, just to see what all is possible.
  14. RegEx designer, nice.... And yeah, understand that you have to have priorities. I might work on a module at some point though as you suggested, thanks for the replies. also +1 on gem alert, and while you are at it how about a rare alert, might be useful for mining as well