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  1. Thank you all for coming! Nice to see so many people... ...and random picture
  2. Personally i cannot offer that just yet (my priest still needs few points of faith), but i'm sure we will have many ppl who are able to do that
  3. Location details added. Hope to see you all there!
  4. First time doing this, so bear with me... During my casual hunt, slaughtering donkeys and other random animals, red flying beast appeared out of the thick forest and engaged me in combat. After few hours back and forth, beast was successfully trapped inside deep dungeon in preparation for public event. When? Saturday, February 19, 7 PM GMT Where? Harmony, directly east from Harmony Bay, around N21 Deed is also connected to the highway system, look for Mechanical Hidden Farms You will get Red Dragon blood (Used to make Potion of ropemaking) Small piece of Red Dragon scale The title "Dragonslayer" (If you do not have one already) Rules Do not enter the slaying pen with wagons, carts and hell horses. Do not forget to collect all your belongings after the slaying. Have fun! Any potential donations are welcome (but not required) - IGN: Mechanicalcepac
  5. Random affinity - 20k karma (maybe more? not sure what would be a balanced cost for something like that)
  6. So does that mean you build up restlessness by simply having active sleep bonus + caffeine buff (no matter if you perform any action), or its similar to fatigue build up, which only happens when performing actions?
  7. To my understanding, magic chest not suppose to completely mitigate dmg, it just reduces decay rate by a big factor, so i guess dmg can occur from time to time "Despite the item description the magic chests both lower the decay rate by a factor of 1000(estimated) on all items, it could happen any time in the future that this will be 'fixed' for food items." This is from wiki ^
  8. Something like random affinities would be cool as well. For some large amount of karma
  9. idk, 20+, 30+, prob even at 1 its not that hard to make 70+ ql lock, just takes few more tries with no skill... My point is, that you can mix different ql iron and by adjusting ratios its easy enough to get pretty much exact ql metal for you desired ql lock. And then just create until you get one (or however many you need) at lump ql
  10. Its pretty simple really, just by mixing in some lower ql iron. Lets say for example i have 76 ql iron stored in one bsb and 56 ql in another. By combining 10x 76ql lumps with 4x 56ql lumps resulting lump should be ~ 70.28ql, which is perfect for 70ql quality lock. Its just matter of making max ql lock from such lump. If you have at least a little bit in locksmithing skill and a decent anvil, it should not take more than a few tries to get max ql out of that lump.
  11. Foraging gives cacao beans, tea seeds and green coffee beans (bush tiles seem to have better chance). All of them can be planted to pottery planters for mass production. By growing tea seeds and harvesting planters you will get green tea leaves. How to get other tea types was mentioned in above comments, however you will need green tea leaves for all of them. Teas are made in tea pot inside the oven: (white/yellow/brown/green/oolong) tea leaves + water green coffee beans + roasting dish + oven = coffee beans (roasted) coffee beans (roasted) + mortar and pestle = ground coffee beans ground coffee beans + water + coffee ibrik + campfiire = Kahvesi (1:1 ground coffee bean and water ratio by weight) other coffee recipes are know out of the box, just check your in game cooking window.
  12. I guess not everyone knows this, but there is a way to get your water bar down in no time, which could be used as a workaround until there is something better/easier. There are 2 special moves that makes you character puke (lose water and food bars). They can be used with any maul or even a hammer/mallet: Sleepwalker (unlocked at 25 skill), Echo pain (at 50 skill). For more info: Basically just get an alt or ask friend for a spar and hit your character with special moves few times. Sure, its not ideal nor most convenient way, but its something for now...
  13. COD to Mechanicalcepac pls Thank you very much.
  14. I 'll offer 1.75s per 0.01kg for that dragon scale piece (that would be 19s 25c for 0.11kg) COD to Mechanicalcepac if that sounds reasonable for you, Thanks.
  15. green tea leaves + trying pan + oven = yellow tea leaves green tea leaves + roasting dish + campfire = white tea leaves can't figure out remaining 2 just yet
  16. All compasses are sold. Thread can be closed, thank you.
  17. Compass is sent, should be in your mailbox, thank you!
  18. [20:07:27] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you!
  19. [18:31:59] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. should be in your mail, thanks
  20. [13:20:31] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Should be in your mailbox already, thank you!
  21. 1-5 stabilizes in less than 1 sec (feels instant), stays stable for about 16-18sec 6 ~1 sec, stays active ~14sec Prices: 1. 8s - SOLD 2. 8s - SOLD 3. 8s - SOLD 4. 8s - SOLD 5. 7s - SOLD 6. 5s - SOLD Leave a message here or PM me in game: Mechanicalcepac