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  1. I believe the issue was that I needed to manually download and install both client and server serverpacks mods in order to get the file. I just did a clean install of the creatures mod on a fresh server and it worked on the first try. I didn't need to edit at all, nor was port forwarding required. In total everything needed to get the creature mod working is: client-modlauncher-0.4 creaturemod server-modlauncher-0.20 serverpacks-0.20 serverpacks-client-0.4 With all of this properly installed everything should work. Zebras will have stripes and Pandas will stop being cows
  2. No probs. Sometimes reading it it a different way helps. Finally got it to work. Just not sure WHY it works now . Thanks for the help.
  3. That makes sense. How does one go about configuring the creatures model pack for distribution? The Pandas should default to bear skins. If their looking like cows that's a pretty funny bug.
  4. Looks like it's mostly abandoned. I was just going through Ago's latest release of the mod (in May) trying to figure out how things worked. I'll experiment with it a bit and see if we can find a solution for the Zebra issue.
  5. Nice! I had to take a break from this. It was frustrating me. Excited to see the code changes you made and try out the mod.
  6. Nah your right. I didn't restart mine enough. Most of my brown cows turned black D: *I guess were going to try traits then to handle the breeds. Can you change to OP to the old and more stable version (1.3.1) please.
  7. That should only happen the first time after installing the mod. You sure it happens each time the server restarts? I tested for it last night.
  8. Unstable version: MoreAnimalsMod_1.4.1 *This release includes custom horse textures that may differ from your chosen and preferred textures. This version has a bug that changes creature textures at random each time the server is reset. Whats new: Roosters, Hens, dogs, and cows now have additional breeds. What it means: Chickens for example have a random chance to spawn using the silver, red, australorp, or default texture. The dog will either be the default dog or dalmatian and the brown cow either brown or delicious black angus. Try it out with the GM summon and be amaze! Notes: Corpse and butcher textures do not yet work properly with the new breeds. This is handled separately in the code and needs work. It seems like the next logical step would be to add "customs" for each and every creature so that we can simply download textures, rename, and drop them in the appropriate folder and bam! new breed. No more waiting for me to add them in. No need to replace an existing texture. I would like to optimize this though, so that we can easily choose how many customs a given creature should have.
  9. That's where they will be. AbsolutelyNobody is quick about getting the newest version in the OP. Next update is delayed. Still working out how to get creatures (excluding horses) to get a random texture on creation. Here's a general idea of how it will work though. Take the Rooster for example: generate a random number 0 - 2 random number is 2 get a red rooster random number is 1 get a silver rooster random number is 0 get a normal rooster Really simple stuff. I just need a way for that to happen each time a rooster is made.
  10. That would be very cool and better suited as a 'traits' mod with that sort of thing in mind. This solution (when I get it working) will make adding animals a lot easier because it requires editing only one class. Hopefully get this out tonight.
  11. Yeah there going to be chickens with color traits. It's going to take some tinkering because color traits where designed only for horses. Nice work with the panda butchered fix. *Not using color traits or any sort of traits for non-horses to avoid clutter. Going to make it randomly pick a texture at the given creature creation.
  12. So after spending a lot of time with the modloader, im not that fond of it. No offense to the creator/s I just don't understand how it works and there's no documentation. So the mod will continue in it's current form until another solution comes along. Be warned any mod that changes the same files as this one will override this mod. With that in mind we should try to limit the number of files we change. Rolf mentioned something about supporting mods in an email so hopefully they come up with something. new animals and Bamboos coming soon
  13. I think it's a good idea to make the modloader version priority. Anymore changes will complicate the process. Please be patient, it will be worth it.
  14. I haven't experimented with ago's mod launcher at all. Im hoping I can do something like take the modified code out of the sever.jar class files, add it to a separate class and the code will be applied. Probably not going to be that easy. It's going to take some trail and error. But yes the mod in it's current form wouldn't work with the launcher. I couldn't get the butchered panda bear texture to work. If you use it to replace Bear_butchered.jpg the brown bear will turn to a butchered panda and using the BearMat.texture=panda_butchered.jpg doesn't appear to work on butchered mappings. Shouldn't be to hard to code in new tile types. I don't want to complicate the mod too much until we get a modloader version going. For things like chickens, dogs, and cats it would make more sense to use color traits rather than have separate creatures. So yes it's planned.
  15. Maine Coon and Panda added! Maine Coon spawns just like the wildcat at the same rate. Pandas like to spawn by trees and in caves at a rate just below brown bears. Zebras prefer to spawn at the steppe now instead of around sand. MoreAnimalsMod_1.3.1 *This release includes custom horse textures that may differ from your chosen and preferred textures. Side notes: Its time to start thinking of a new way to release this mod. As you can imagine, if / when another mod comes along that changes the same files as this one, that mod will completely override this one and vice versa. We need to make this mod a "standalone", meaning that it consist of it's own classes that extend the current ones. This way it would be easy to uninstall, would be more likely to get along with other mods, and would make it possible for players to pick and choose which new creatures they want. Edit* Looks like ago's mod launcher should do the trick. Breeding needs lots of testing. I plan to add a way to force labor so we can instantly pop out foals and get results.