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  1. Wurm on ARM Linux SoftFP

    Drat. bdew had gotten my hopes up Well, I'll keep trying things and report back if I have any luck. Thanks for the help!
  2. Wurm on ARM Linux SoftFP

    Thank you for your suggestion. I tried IcedTea-Web, but after trying 1.7 I got some error and exception when trying to run the JNLP with that Web Start version. I had to build a more updated version of Rust to try IcedTea-Web 1.8, and that took awhile, but once I did I tried that too and got the same errors. It looks like it's trying to find a classfile for javafx.application.Application and failing. How do I skip the java web start entirely? I have all the jars and libraries already, but I'm not sure which jar to run that will load the launcher so I can log in and try to play.
  3. Wurm on ARM Linux SoftFP

    Sorry for the long delay, my handheld was damaged and had to be repaired before I could continue trying to make this work. Maybe I am misunderstanding here, but I don't have the source code to Wurm Online nor do I understand how converting it to LLVM will get the JNLP file to load the launcher. It seems to be extremely difficult to obtain Java Web Start from Java 8 for ARM SoftFP. All Java 7 and 8 JDK or JRE builds for ARM softfp I could find either omit javaws binary entirely, or use the one from OpenJDK 6. As for OpenGL, it is ES, however there is a compatibility layer called gl2es that allows many OpenGL games to run on an OpenGLES platform. I'm hoping it will at least get me into the game, even if the graphics are laggy or messed up. I can use world_render=false to log in a character on my handheld while (for example) at work, loading just the UI so I can work on stuff in my inventory and chat.
  4. As topic says! Moonmetal horse shoes are expensive and currently somewhat pointless. Allowing Unicorn to wear them would make them the only Blacksmithable shoes Unicorn can wear, which is of course balanced by the crazy price and rarity of moonmetals.
  5. Multi-story bugs

    Thank you! Just knowing it's being worked on is very comforting. In the meantime I will indeed shift my monster friends to a less frustrating location. I'm glad I wont have to redesign my setup though, and that the day will come when I can use my place the way I designed it, without all the problems! I very much appreciate the response. Also appreciate the very quick fix to the troll-under-the-bridge issue I had as well. I was going to express my gratitude in that thread (with a picture of my champion troll back in his pen!) but it got locked as soon as the issue was resolved.
  6. Multi-story bugs

    Whatever code is in place that prevents actual damage from being dealt when the height difference is above a certain level, can't that just be extended to include targetting and entering combat? Maybe it's not that simple, but maybe it is. A response from a dev could clear that right up!
  7. Multi-story bugs

    So now with this latest patch, I cannot eat food in my house either, due to being considered in combat from creatures several floors down from me. Still no response from devs.
  8. Mini Games

    BUMP! And +1! Please add playing cards! I want to play card games with my villagers at times. Good way to get to know new members and extend that friendly community feel. Also makes the game feel less dead when people do stuff together! I can't commit to a long hunting session or major project most of the week, but I'd leave my castle to play some cards with the locals anytime! Give us more non-grindy activities! Especially cards!
  9. Multi-story bugs

    This has gotten worse. Today my priest was killed by a troll i have penned above him. The troll attacked him through the floor and killed him. This is the first time I've ever seen actual damage from this bug, so something recent has made this worse. Edited to add: Now that I'm thinking about it, the priest was embarked as passenger on a cart when he got killed by the troll on the floor above him. I'd guess the extra height of being on the cart made him close enough for the troll to kill him. The troll was only one floor above, in a locked room. Either way, this big pile of bugs make my awesome home very frustrating to live in. Including the one where horses wagons and carts pop through the floor to the ground floor on the client but the server still sees them in the correct place, requiring a relog to fix. I really appreciate anything you can do to help!
  10. [Fixed] Glimmersteel and Addy

    With Seryll it seems to show correctly to other characters but not to myself. Here's what I see: And here is what others see:
  11. Hello, I have had a Champion Troll penned in a 2x1 locked pen, under a 2x1 bridge, in front of my building for months and months. He's happily lived there and never caused a problem. I logged in today after downloading the latest patch, and he was free and attacking me. I dominated him and tried to put him back in his cage, however, as soon as I lead him into his pen, he pops up above the bridge instead. I cannot get him back into his pen at all. Every time I lead him there he warps on top of the bridge instead. This guy is part of the look of my place, it's very unfortunate I can no longer put him in his pen!! Please fix Here's where he has lived for months, up until today: The place isn't the same without him
  12. This happens to me all the time, wagons, horses, etc all pop through the floor. I made a different thread about this months ago but got nowhere. It's very annoying.
  13. 80+ql Seryll Plate Armor - Rare BP and Legs!

    Sent! Thanks and enjoy! I hope you get as much fun out of it as I did! I'm kinda sad to see it go!
  14. Wurm on ARM Linux SoftFP

    Hello, I have a handheld Linux computer called a Pandora, which uses a Cortex A8 CPU, which is ARM Soft-Float. I've been trying to get Wurm to work on it, so I can play on the go. However, Oracle does not release binaries for Soft-Float ARM, only HardFP. I have a working OpenJDK 6 compile which I tried, but it crashes when loading the JNLP file. I tried to get a newer version, but as far as I can tell none of the JRE or JDK 9 or 10 have the Java Web Start binary. I'm not really sure what to do at this point. Is there an alternate (non-WebStart) way to launch the game? Thanks!