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  1. This is ridiculous! There are plenty of other reasonable price points you could have set it at rather than one-third. Even if you need the cash desperately 18s would have been quick and far less unreasonable. Basically sold 10 rafts with a free knarr. May have rubbed a lot of people wrong with this. EDIT- Half price was wrong - actually 1/3
  2. [05:40:41] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  3. Sure did! will do. sorry was sleeping when it actually ended. Thanks all! This is now closed!
  4. Doesn't appear to fit in mailbox
  5. Up for auction is a Rare Net Trap. Not quite sure as to the value of a rare net trap. so let's see where it goes! Starting bid 30c min inc of 10c no buyout no sniper CLOSED
  6. Up for auction is a low QL supreme whetstone. It has a slight amount of damage. I didn't know they took massive damage when not in your inventory. 17.18QL 2.27 dmg Starting bid is 50c. Increments of 10c min. No sniper. CLOSED