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  1. Honestly I think it will affect also Wurm, but if WO runs on dedicated servers (as I remember) this is in charge of our Server Admin choose to fix the bug or keep the vulnerability. Of course is true, the fix will cause a drop of performance from 30% to 50% in some cases, all depends on usage of Shared Memory and Mapping.
  2. Strange experience today on Chaos. While travelling an hell hound found me and attacked me. I asked help to tower guards that correctly engaged the fight, after sure that they were fighting I was going away, but after 10 tiles I realized that someone was attacking me. Looked around nothing, looking in Combat tab it was the hell hound, so I moved far away 20+ tiles, but the hell hound continued to hit me, but it was a lot far away busy fighting with guards. How is that possibile? Me engaged the fight with hell hound: Then I moved away: I understand that Hell Hound has a big range, but that way look strange.
  3. Look nothing wrong, can you post your console logs too? Is it happening every time with all knarrs?
  4. «Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.» - Mahatma Gandhi

  5. I'm pretty sure BSOD is not caused by WO/WU. Most time that issue is caused by wrong driver or hardware fault. Please use a Blue Screen Viewer in order to know what caused that. If you want you can post here the output of the blue screen viewer.
  6. Plan for a Plan

    Connect all isles togethere in a round world. i.e. from East Pristine to West of Chaos, or maybe Deliverance (or any other island). (just to have a better way to travel), and North Inde with south Celebration
  7. I lost all my memories :(

  8. I hope this version work better on M$ Edge. LOL and btw seem works a lot better! Thanks you
  9. That is the section about Client/Server issues of Wurm Unlimited
  10. The end of an era :(

  11. strange, anyway that is the link
  12. In order to Convert RGB color to Integer number you can use that: ChatColors.jar It is a simple Jar easy to use (note: you have to choose color from the color panel, not from main window (only output))
  13. try to limit the FPS (Settings -> Advanced Graphics -> Enable frame limiter)
  14. You can find all wurm staff (regarding Wurm Online) and devs here: ​
  15. Server admin was advised of the issue, working on. Be patient UPDATE: Deliverance continue to crash, devs are working to restore it asap All servers are up an running​
  16. You have to look at Golden Valley, if it is offline you cna't login in any server. It is also know as login server
  17. Default permissionshad a deny policy, then I don't think someone could have stolen something from you. Anyway now they're working to fix the issues
  18. Would be nice have a toggle size on inventory, so you can double-click an item without accidently click on another item. I'm a mouse set with high DPI to move quicker in the screen, but it is difficult mvoe inside inventory... Some bigger icons would be nice
  19. «Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.» A. Einstein

  20. Is that suggestion for WU or WO? You're talking of WO but in WU thread? If you mean on WU the chat has nothing to do with WO If you mean on WO well, we passed with success the Xanadu landrush, and anyway we have and we're hiring more staff in order to have more CMs to keep the chat moderated.
  21. The fansite policy for WU is pretty similar to WO. Please read it before: (it is in EULA)
  22. -10 Why should that happen if PvE is not PvP, that is against the logic of PvE. And will come a PvP. -10 Maybe on unlimited