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  1. Even though I've basically already left the game, I second that.
  2. I realize that this is for the Freedom cluster but I figured I'd post it here as well since there are some high end items and potential resale investments that might interest some folk here:
  3. You hitch them in the front, not the side, like this: Also, darn, I looked under planned/often requested features but I couldn't find anything on it.
  4. One of my favourite things about wurm is that you're rewarded for pretty much every action that you do (with skill gain). There is however one big exception and that is travelling and transporting goods. We have ships of varying sizes to help with this and small and large carts. These help quite a bit, but on the newer maps, much of the map is land-locked so ships really only help you get it a part of the way. The rest of the trip is spent going back and forth between the ship and the deed many many times because you can only fit so much in your cart. To help fix this, I'm proposing an even larger cart that has steeper requirements. Make it require a lot of resources to build, a high skill to build, as many as 10 hitched animals to pull, and maybe even travel slower than a large cart. Thoughts?
  5. [20:54:39] You have just received the title 'Tinker'! [20:54:39] Smithing increased by 0.00109 to 70.0010 Woot!
  6. Honestly, if you're doing any sort of hunting take a two hander and fight aggressively. I've trained up both longsword/LMS and huge axe and the difference is night and day. You'll kill stuff faster, have more life after, and your armor will take less damage saving you money in the long run.
  7. First to three 'Master' titles: [11:05:11] You have just received the title 'Mastermine'! [11:05:11] Mining increased by 0.00136 to 90.0006 Note: all on same char.
  8. Yeah, Shindar on release has at least 94 as of a couple weeks ago so probably 95 by now. If you read a little more carefully you'd see the "first" was a question asking if I was the first two to 'Master' titles on the new servers and on one char.
  9. [23:18:13] Blacksmithing increased by 0.00204 to 90.0004 [23:18:13] You have just received the title 'Master Blacksmith'! First to two 'Master' titles?
  10. There was some post I read somewhere from one of the dev's saying that they would not release 1.1 until they fixed performance issues (pvp'ers were complaining).
  11. Yeah I meant use. Derp derp.
  12. [22:59:33] You have just received the title 'Master Platesmith'! Bring on the dragon scale!
  13. That's going to be tough since this is on a new server and also since they're going to be hell horses and not just regular horses. I guess I'll just try with 3 of each and see how it goes.