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  1. It is an accepted fact among its players that Wurm Online is a terrible game in general.
  2. See I had this too. And then after creating a pile I could withdraw down to 2 and it would still be a pile.
  3. 3 days of light hunting on Exodus got me to 70 FS. It helps to have decent gear and a life transfer weapon.
  4. Maybe flagged only on pvp servers to prevent griefing. Then if people are in your way you kill them. I just imagine blocking off a big group with a couple of people in a mine while priests lay down the law. Would create a whole new tactical aspect to the game. (Also you could scream "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" and actually mean it.)
  5. I think Rolf mentioned this being possible on IRC? Would be nice. +1
  6. Had sort of this issue while mining earlier. Sometimes when dropping it wouldn't pile and sometimes it would. I was even able to make item piles out of 2 items and have 12 items not piled on the same tile. No clue what caused it seemed random when I picked up/dropped stuff.
  7. So what happened to cause this post? And I say keep mining but no reinforcements allowed, all rock collapse and a quick collapse rate. Maybe with some underground lava tiles (the kind that burn or suffocate you when you mine into them) thrown in to make it extra dangerous.
  8. All I need is premium characters that play on that cluster? Ok then I vote no and instead want to link the servers...
  9. I once had to kick and kill a guy. I kept all his stuff as payment for having to deal with him for as long as I did. also -1 guards should attack immediately instead. Who's to say you're not trying to run off with unlocked carts and wagons?