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  1. I found that sun is not too bright and glare is very small without effects when moving camera.Can we get more stronger light in day and darker night?
  2. Can be use for yellow paint and very efficent fuel,mix with tar,can be found outside mine,where stone maybe
  3. those are just examples,i try in blender but is too hard.
  4. rifle can only work against animals,good for hunting only.barrel for storing gupowder and explosives in mine.
  5. It's about idea,not using image directly
  6. What if we could change mine look to sewers if on deed and spawn rats and gather diffrent materials
  7. If we can't have bridges maybe use planks to walk on water on in air on water from one hill to another in air
  8. Time

    I have plenty lanterns and lamps,weather and time changing is too fast(1 minute rain then 5 sec snow then fog) same with season Maybe when raining lower sun light(dark sky) or add clounds.
  9. Time

    I have this idea to change day -night ratio like 3h day -1.5 h night and change seasons (winter) every 1month in rl,also weather for summer like dusk(red sky) and stronger light in day,rain,fog and dust storm for one day or week.
  10. Monster could walk near shores and apper at night and look like that