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  1. it's a terrible overcomplicated system when the old one worked just fine. new players are especially screwed over. imagine having to setup beekeeping or an animal farm just so you can craft a single fly.
  2. Face it, at this moment this skill is completely useless: you can't write any meaningful piece of literature or even a simple letter without using such important symbols like quotation and exclamation marks, but they're apparently treated as "illegal" when you try to write them down on a papyrus sheet. And there is a whole industry "link" which sole reason is to make these useless sheets. So, to make this feature of Wurm somewhat polished and playable, I suggest these changes: 1) All symbols should be allowed! 2) Simple formatting for text, maybe simple HTML parser with no fancy elements like images. Writing everything in one line is just stupid. 3) Increase the symbol limit, the current one is too damn restricting and forces you to use multiple sheets on one simple work. I suggest about 512 + 10 * ql of sheet + 10 * ql of pen. For example, this post is 1149 symbols long, so it'd fit onto one 50ql sheet, if written by 50ql pen. 4) OPTIONAL: add bookshelves: a special container for small things (<5 kg) That'd finally make this feature not so half-baked and actually useful for roleplaying and even for some practical use.