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  1. When I went out looking for somewhere to start my own deed, I looked at the Xanadu map ( One of the things I looked for was an area that did not have terraforming, as there might be a deed already, and I did not want to run all that way for nothing. Having settled down, there is a spot near me I just want to draw attention to. It is a good place for a hermit like me, or a small village to settle down. There is already a guard tower built there, and the previous deed was disbanded long ago. So, if you are looking for somewhere to settle down, I would suggest the following spot: There is a bit of cleaning up to do in terms of critters, but hey, there is a free guard tower And yes, there are plenty of other places to settle down, I just wanted to point out a spot for someone that might be relatively new to the game, and looking for a place to stay. How to get there: Resting Patch is hooked up to the highway network, so you can go there, and then just follow the coast line.
  2. Please add: Name: Assassin's Cove Position: 2778, -829 Mayor: Guden´╗┐ Thank you!
  3. Please add "The Cove" at 2780,-822
  4. Xanadu Map

    Winterfell at G18 (the bottom fork)
  5. Thanx for the quick responses. I had tried dropping everything in inventory, but had not dropped the item I had on my body....that did the trick....thanx
  6. Hi I am trying to built a rowing boat for myself, and I have all the materials, all the tenons, hull planks and keels etc. I have improving the keels so they are about 13 in quality, and my skill in ship building above 6 now. But I cannot figure out how to build the "unfinished boat". I can only carry 1 keel, and when activating that and clicking on the other one on the ground, I do not get any option to create the boat. What am I doing wrong? Is my ship building skill too low? if so, what is the minimum skill for this? Please help