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  1. I'm trying to repair a placed golden minedoor above ~7300 strength with a 94ql gold lump (5 kg) and 99 blacksmithing. When trying to do this action I receive this message: [20:24:19] You cannot strengthen this door any further with that item and your knowledge. Is this an issue or its actually intended so that you're not able to repair golden minedoors above certain strength?
  2. Far shot but a scripting API would be awesome.
  3. Server Status

    Looks p good, though doesn't match the rest of the site.
  4. I wanna bunny hop like in quake [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfpaEAh3geM +1
  5. Moving blessed ones might cause some really minor issues, though nothing game breaking imo. I mean, its really easy to build them as it is. Though what I'm suggesting is to allow to move at least non-blessed altars.
  6. Sadly it didn't work, 5kg of more gold wasted. Dropping the anvil a few times while standing in the same spot drops it in random location all the time.
  7. From wiki: Not it wont, it just appears randomly.
  8. We tried dispelling it though it is not possible. I'm guessing we'll just leave this behind then.
  9. But its kinda pointless to have such a spell on a priest in a WL kingdom, as most people won't be Tosiek followers. I'm thinking it should be a modified version which works for both parties.
  10. Tosiek priest on my village casted Dark Messenger on our spirit castle. I'm Vynora and everyone else on my village is a WL god follower except for our priest. When we try to use the spirit castle we get this message: [00:47:39] The entities inside refuse to help you. Is this intended?
  11. DROP_AS_PILE. It would be really nice to have a specific bind to drop dirt as a pile instead of on the ground. Reasons: Lazy; Dropping 15 dirt piles on the ground by accident really sucks; TARGET_HOSTILE. Target only hostile creatures and players (red outline). Reasons: While hunting, most people use double clicking or right click -> target to target their prey, due to the fact that they might target their horse by accident using the TARGET bind; While fighting other players (specially applies in larger fights) double clicking doesn't work 70% of the time (at least for me), due to lag. I myself use the right click -> target function as do many people, which takes quite some time to do and can mean life or death; The TARGET_HOSTILE function is already in the game - double clicking the left mouse button. Except it doesn't work some times due to lag.