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  1. RIP Tich This is 8 years too late but, sorry for taking your cart while you were building Freedom Highway ?
  2. Updated image link, hope everything is still correct!
  3. I'm not really around anymore but if changes are needed feel free to give me a PM and let me know what needs changing. For now everything seems to still be the same, hopefully its still useful 8)
  4. <15:47:58> "Watkins" switched from channel "Solace" to "Tuscany"<15:47:58> Channel group "Guest" was assigned to "Watkins" by "Freedom".<15:47:58> "Watkins" switched from channel "Tuscany" to "Solace"<15:47:58> Channel group "Guest" was assigned to "Watkins" by "Freedom".<15:47:59> "Watkins" switched from channel "Solace" to "Tuscany"<15:47:59> Channel group "Guest" was assigned to "Watkins" by "Freedom".<15:48:00> "Watkins" switched from channel "Tuscany" to "Solace"<15:48:00> Channel group "Guest" was assigned to "Watkins" by "Freedom".<15:48:05> "Watkins" switched from channel "Solace" to "Elevation"<15:48:05> Channel group "Guest" was assigned to "Watkins" by "Freedom". gee I wonder why.
  5. First time trying a Kimono, folds are good fun.
  6. this only took 5 days(not toal time), probably the fastest drawing duration... Considering I dont have deadlines for these..
  7. LCS?

    Monte is probably the best at analysis, I mean he's the only caster that's managing a team so he's able to point out the strategies that the OGN teams use. They're also by far the strongest region so its a lot easier to point out the strategies these teams are using. Most of the European casters are play by play casters made to do analysis work, cept for Deficio. He's good at what he does since he use to play for NIP back in like season 2. Though yeah I have to agree, it does feel like watching monster trucks from time to time with that commentary haha. Not gonna lie, sometimes its amazing...
  8. LCS?

    I know a few people here play League of legends, though does anyone else watch the LCS? Or even the other region, OGN, GPL etc... If yes, what team do you cheer for? For NA I cheer for CLG and EU I cheer for SK For those who are wondering what the hell I'm talking about, Its just esports stuff regarding League of Legends.
  9. I draw so much while playing Wurm, its pretty much the only time I do my own sketches. I look at the screen, hit a few binds then go back to drawing haha.
  10. Wanted to give this thread a bump, I need to see more! I admire people who are willing to try colour, since its something that I'm pretty uncomfortable with, especially the liquid mediums... As for me, I finish with that last project I was working on. Had some fun with her, experimented with some metal shading techniques. The trick seems to be think about it less and dont judge it until its done. I was looking at how light bounces off armor in real life and trying to replicate that.. Its pretty hard when it looks so wrong when you initially start, just have to push through the urge to "fix". Oh, that reminds me, if you guys have done any experimentation on leather textures, I'd love to see some of that!
  11. +1 To cleaning it up, just making it easier to travel on would be nice. Doesnt have to be roads, just not crazy "unnatural" slopes.. As for expanding, its totally not needed. I think its fine as it is... I dont think theres much you can do about the spwans, it'll come and go as spwans decay and new ones arrive. who knows within the next month there could be half a dozen croc and troll spwaners popping up. Its just about waiting or going somewhere else for the time being. To touch on the disbanded deed issue, Riddic already highlighted it nicely but if you still dont get it. I've made a quick translation. I think instead of trying to pick out the splinter in other peoples eye you best be removing the plank that's sticking out of your face.
  12. The lovely ambient sound of mycelium... Oh how nice it is to hear people moaning in pain.
  13. I once use to get bread and put brown sugar on it, and since it kept sliding off as I go to eat it, I decided to pour some milk on the bread to hold the sugar. And I kept doing that for ages when it was late at night, it didnt even taste good, it just became a thing i did. Young and stupid I tell you...