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  1. On a sea, under a rainbow we sail towards land!
  2. [OOC] Just one of them "rumours" that you would of expect to happen back in those times, I mean when a information is passed from a person to a person some parts of that story will get changed. And so that is what I did ^^.
  3. "Those are written logs of a young man named "Toujou" from Newspring Island. A eager and persistent man whos only desire is to seek adventure and be just like his father. These are the diary logs from the days before he left the island. His journey.. Has just started. But the question is... How far will he go?" Diary Logs - Before leaving Newspring Island Day 1 Hello Diary. I recently was presented you as a gift from parents for my 18th Birthday. I love literature and I always wanted to write my own journey down so one day.. Perhaps me own child could read how far I went in life. Newspring Island is getting less income everyday, this island used to be populated and a centre of trade... Now its pride is fading. People leave the island towards mainland where trade is flourishing and hunting up North is very popular. I used to hear stories from my father about a great troll hunter named "Kushier" a strong, big and bulky man living up on the mountains, a hunter just like me father used to be before he passed away. I want to follow his footsteps and become someone like him. I want to get out of this island. I want to become a hunter, give me father's spirit that over watches me pride of his son. Our farm is struggling, no one wants to buy our crops, animals are dying and me uncle is getting sick soon me mother, we need a food yet we have nowhere to buy any fresh meat off from... Day 2 I've sneaked into me passed away father's chamber, where all his clothing and sturdy old long spear was placed to rest after he passed away, I know that if there is a way to prevent us from starving we need to find a wild animal and bring it back to butcher it. We are hopeless at this moment, Uncle's back is sore and can't stand up and me mother has fever, I'm worried about her health. . I will return here soon. I can't look at me family starve! I will have to take it into my own hands! Day 3 I've been out in the forest for a long time now. Been scavenging for any herbs and mushrooms to bring back home so me mom can make a soup, we haven't eaten any meat in a while. Out last sheep died today. The Gods have been smiling upon me however I managed to find a lot of herbs and even 10 mushrooms! my bag is getting filled up, I need to get back soon, its getting dark! Day 4 My mother was happy with the food I got us, perhaps I'm just like my father.. I want to go on a adventure! I want to get off this island! Not many people around these days. Its like civilization is slowly dying on this island. I've only met 5 people in total so far. This is strange yet scary. I've decided it that I will talk to my mother. I want to get off this island. There is no future for me here, I want to come back one day and bring her tons of food so we can feast like kings and wear clothing out of bear fur! Day 5 She wasn't happy about it. She is scared I will die like my father. But it is my life now. I'm an adult and I choose my own path now. But how will I get off the island? There is no commercial transportation from Newspring Island to Mainland. I guess I will have to build my own boat... I never did it but I guess I can ask someone how to build one, a lot of people on this island made their own boat. Day 6 I managed to get instructions on how to build a boat... I will need a lot of resources, it will take long time to build it and get it on the water but theres no time to waste! I need to get onto it fast! I might not write a lot. I don't want to waste the precious ink and papyrus writing that I attached a plank... Day 14 I managed to finally gather every resource I needed to build the boat. I'm going to begin working on the boat right now, I might spend hours or even days without sleep but I will do it, I will make my family proud! Kind people I've met on the island helped me gather the resources. I didn't expect such kindness to be presented to me. These people knew nothing about me nor who I was yet they helped me. This island is strange. I want to pay them back somehow but yet I can't. I want to but I have nothing to pay them with. I only can give my gratitude to them. Day 17 I've been working on my boat non-stop. The boat is starting to get a shape of an... Actual boat, with the help from few locals it went quicker than expected. I placed my tent on a sand pit close to the coast of some empty village with a lot of trees around to chop down if I need any wood. Its been raining a lot making it hard to work on the boat. Day 20 I'm not far off with completing the boat, it is going well but my hunger is starting to have a tolls on me, I'm unable to find any food in the forest. I've heard rumours there are wild cows on the mountains by the Black Brigade village, I should try and go find one... Expedition however is something I never did nor do I know my way back but I need food or I will starve, my mother would be happy to have some too... Day 21 I don't remember when was the last time I had a juicy beef in my mouth. It's been so long all I've been eating is mushrooms, corn and wheat I can start feeling my body eating itself with this hunger, I need to go and grab the my fathers equipment.. I need to find that wild cow and bring it back I can't let hunger end my adventure like this! I refuse! Day 22 I managed to take my fathers equipment however my mother is extremely angry at me for it, she is scared I won't come back like my father, to be honest I don't even know how to start, where to go and what path to chose. Its getting night now, moon is shining, I will leave right on in early morning towards South... I hope those rumours are not just... Rumours or it all will go to hell! Day 23 Its morning, sun is rising, its cold... Very cold, my mother is still sleeping all I can do now is promise that I will return with food, I won't disappoint you mother, all I ever want to see in my life is you to smile. When I was younger my father taught me how to track animals, cows must of come to this meadow I can see their path printed on a muddy path towards the mountain on the south, I will head over there, thats a lot of climbing to do I just hope I won't die falling down from climbing! That would of be the worst way to die now. I'm starting to hear some sounds coming above me, I don't see anything, perhaps it could be wind. I've climbed up rather high and bruised up my left arm from falling down a bit, it doesn't hurt that much. Day 23 - Late Afternoon I can't believe this! This... In the name of Gods is this even real?! All I can see is tons of bulls and cows living on a mountain, rocks! No grass! How are they surviving here? They are not supposed to live here? The more I try to understand the more I think that the its a work of Gods. Bringing redemption upon us on the Newspring Island. What have we done if so? The cows are spooked a little, its hard to go and put a rope on its neck to lead it back not to mention it started rain... Its getting slippery. [OOC] Basically a diary of my time playing wurm on Xanadu. I might of forgot some parts because I'm writing the days that already happened and can't write those that are currently happening so I will try to catch up as soon as possible! Its all made in roleplay manner ofc. Hope you enjoy it! This is still WIP
  4. A lone follower of Fo, our peaceful deity which loves us equally, on a land surrounded by water, trees, animals, grass and dirt he looked upon the skies under which where Sol was shining and water reflecting birds up in the skies, fishes swimming and spider's chasing citizens of Pristine, it was a hot day that day when Pinnochi heard a voice he never heard before nor where it came from telling him in a calm way "You shall spread the love and peace of Fo around these lands, show the lost men and women of Wurm the right way of living and you shall live in peace and harmony in heaven" Listening to the mysterious words something or someone told him as a very religious person Pinnochi traveled for months looking for a prefect place to build a gift to Fo, a gift that was dedicated to him, a place of peace and harmony... Which was a Monastery. When Bishop Pinnochi found a perfect place he decided to start on working monastery, as in past he was a construction worker yet remembering his skills he works on it day and night and prays to Fo for success, the place was wild, blood still is splattered from a vicious hell hound, a creature of Libya and loads of wild grass, "There is much to be done yet in short time... But for the love of Fo this has to be done and I shall listen to what he tells me even if it means to die for him." said Bishop Pinnochi The Monastery will be a sacred place to the followers and priests of Fo which will be able to enroll into to improve their faith and show the love of Fo to the lost ones and put them back on the right track of life, [OOC] The place is deeded already however not yet added on map because not even a building has yet been done, the plan of the Monastery will be big, current task is to expand a artificial island I've been doing which is pretty big already. If you wish to donate something to the Monastery of Fo let me know! The place is full roleplay 24/7, it will have monastery traders, yes we will produce goods as well Thank you and sorry if its not something that should be, first time writing in the roleplay section on this forum [OOC] Music Theme of the Monastery - [media ] ((Inside the Monastery)) Music Theme of the Monastery surroundings - [media ] ((Outside the Monastery))
  5. Any roleplayish ideas perhaps? ((pretty sure there are some roleplayer's somewhere here ))
  6. If I would of deed an area where creatures spawn it would of be boring that I wouldnt want to hunt, this aint what I see as hunting, I am going to travel, a lot to hunt and than go back home So no Im not going to deed an area where mobs spawn, random place, even on mountain, little island or vast forest
  7. Hello there fellow Wurmian's, on Friday, my payday I decided to buy premium and buy a deed but I have no idea how to call it, I want to give it a nice name maybe because I'm a roleplayer, however it aint a village or a town, place not decided, basically I'm planning to live off as a hunter and alchemist and deed my area so I won't have any intruders its simply my little deed where I will have a trader that will sell Healing Patches, Meal's, Leather and Pelt and other random animal buchery I really like the start of "Cape" as from one game series I love which is "Gothic" and in 3rd series theres a area named "Cape Dun" but I saw a mak of Deliverence or Celeb if im not wrong already named deed like that so I do not want to copy. So could anyone help me out and come up with a nice name for a deed for a Alchemist and a Hunter yap I love to live away from civilization so I don't want to be in any town Thank you!
  8. Well not to be rude but for me it looked like someone was lucky and was getting an ice cream *cough* *cough*
  9. So... confusing >.< I will try thx
  10. oh so I have to make the mine 7x7?
  11. I really do not understand the 7 by 7 tiles, could someone explain it to me :|
  12. Hello! I have found a little place for myself to live on far from people and deed's That is on a mountain, only problem is that is stopping me from finishing my house is iron, I have none but when prospecting it says "Iron ore is near" but I mined once where it said 3 forward 3 left 3 right 3 back and nothing, I never managed to find any iron than I have found another good spot which said has Iron and slat, could anyone tell me how to mine to get that iron so it wont take me months to get nails? Thank you