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  1. Revert HOTA

    petition to cover hota in nothing but peat
  2. Revert HOTA

    The old HotA with the giant craters covering 3/4 of it was better because at least you could see the pillars that were in the bottom of the volcanoes
  3. im bl on desolation which means it has official aflacduck bl stamp of approval join today
  4. PvP changes testing Round 1

    Archery penalty removed from helms, changed archery from a flat fail % to added difficulty depending on armour penalty I don't really know why there's an insistence on having an armor penalty in the first place. If this is based on PvP, as the title of this thread suggests, then no penalty would be ideal. The original rationale for this, if I remember correctly, was that it'd cause people to move away from plate and saturate the PvP community with other armor types. That simply is not how it works, since the raw defense provided by plate is infinitely better than dealing with lesser armors being more able to use archery. People just take their armor off to negate the penalty and still will in the event that any noticeable difficulty is added. I'm not entirely sure what this change entails to overall archery success/fail rates, but it's almost pointless to wear plate and use archery now, even with 99 archery. Insanity will need to be revamped if SotG is dropped to 30% because a 30% DR, even if permanent, is relatively equivalent to Path of Hate's bonus and Path of Power's bonus, while those two paths offer way, way more in terms of overall utility. Insanity is a one-trick pony. If it's going to be anything other than a niche/gimmick path, then nerfing SotG will need to be offset with utility in other areas. The top accounts will still overshadow the others if trading blow-by-blow, and it's an obnoxious red herring when we're addressing the question of balance in PvP. Remember that we've had deadly hard irritates on kings and scale back in the day. That's far, far worse than what we have now, and it wasn't a panacea for PvP issues. If there's a desire to create more PvP, then the fundamental problems with PvP (most of which I addressed in my kingdom PM) need to be addressed. Tweaking a few numbers will not make people any more or less likely to devote hours of their life for a tiny chance at actually meeting one of the other 10 people online at the time for a fight. I have SotG but I don't have much attachment to it. I'll switch to Hate like everyone else if it gets changed and be on my merry way. I just think that there's an undue amount of emphasis being placed on the change when it won't noticeably impact the way that PvP is conducted.
  5. Remove Player Gods

    +1 nuke player gods and don't look back I love it when people threaten with subscriptions to try and force changes as if theyre the only sub that matters. For every person who unsubscribes because of gods getting balanced, there will be one who stays or resubscribes because the priest system is being fixed.
  6. Upcoming PvP changes

    Remove Information minister. - Only for the kingdom influence thing, not the kingdom offices. Remove all teleportation forms on PvP servers (including home servers). - Please no. I don't want to be stuck somewhere and have to leave but have my teleportation disabled. Just make it impossible to do for new villagers (/vteleport is ok) Remove archery penalties or scale according to individual armour pieces. +1 Please just remove all archery penalties. Nobody wanted it when it was introduced and it's been nothing but trouble. Disable embarking on vehicles or mounts while in combat with an enemy players. - No... Why? Addition of Archery keybinds. Sure Remove stun/throw from valrei mobs. Yes please Make nolocate on bodies work similar to jewellery with power determining % blocked. Cooldowns on searching for same person. Yes please Remove disintegration requiring token drain and remove magranon bonus. No to the token drain thing. This'll make dirt walls useless since everyone will just make an off-deed mine with a high strength door, bring thousands of onions and disintegrate their way into a deed. The only way to prevent that as a defender is to wait for them to break into your mine or to try and break into theirs and kill them, but you're usually drastically outnumbered since raids happen at 6am. Creation of a “verbose” combat tab option, including extra information such as Area of Effect spells, Direct target spells, karma and meditation buffs, etc Sure Raise deed costs on PvP servers to limit expansion by simply placing multiple deeds to conquer towers Er, this isn't the right fix. Deeds are already prohibitively expensive for a lot of people if you want more than 1 guard. The range at which deeds block tower cap should just be reduced drastically or removed outright. I don't really see the reason it exists. Scale scenario point rewards according to mission type (sacrifice, drain, traitor, tree) then modified by whether server is friendly, enemy, or elevation. +1 Very good Make uniques focus points of missions, or giving kingdom based rewards for slaying. Eh. I don't know what this means really. Change battle rank to only be given through kills, not through missions or capping towers/camps. Agreed. Just remove the decay over time though. There aren't even enough noobs anymore to justify the decay over time, let alone actual fighters. Make destruction of longhouses easier, focus on less tedium when raiding and promote faster raids.. Less tedium sure, but I'm not sure how you'd make destruction of longhouses easier? They're already easy. Some people haven't realized this years later, but you don't have to catapult every single floor if you pay attention. Make chaos and possibly home server merchants tauntable No to home servers. It's a good change on Elevation but there was never any trade on Elevation anyways outside of like 2 total merchants. People will just move their goodie storehouses to alts. Remove speed bonus from logged off alts on boats on PvP servers. +1 but isn't this just a bug? Have tower guards target whoever is trying to capture the tower. Require killing of guards before tower is captured. Only if the player's cap can't be cancelled by being targeted by guards. As a side note for SotG: just nerf healing and you'll see SotG players drop like sacks of bricks. I almost died in 4 hits the other night with SotG and I have one of the better accounts on Epic. The current meta is to have SotG and as many Fo priests as you can get so that it's not 100% extra health, but rather 400% or what have you. Just nerf the Fo priests so that you can't chain Light of Fo over and over again. Insanity as a path has one good thing - SotG, and nerfing it will just make Hate and Power the new meta and people will begin to cry because they're getting 1-shot by players with hate bonus and they have no SotG to protect themselves. Also, preventing SotG players from healing at all as some are suggesting is not a good idea. WTS venom arrows
  7. when we first met I kinda really thought you were a duck


    r u or no

  8. Shroom Mycelium Monsters

    +1 for giant phallus monsters
  9. Could Chaos and Epic ever merge populations?

    Let's look at a year ago Alright. Tell me how this horizontal line connecting two points from almost exactly a year apart shows that there was an increase in population.
  10. Trade Channel Fee

    Put all of the tax into Gary's bank +1
  11. New pvp server

    -1 reset elevation and make it the size of xanadu
  12. Weekly News #7 testing...testing..1..2..3..

    join epic
  13. Weekly News #7 testing...testing..1..2..3..

    Hahahaha I ###### love this community
  14. The only real issue here is when you see "updated graphics should load faster and be smoother" and your first thought is "oh god how could they make this game possibly run any worse"