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  1. Same here... very disappointing. Plenty of time to have these clients updated and ready BEFORE launch !!!!!
  2. This deed is very large and we could use more help and new friends. Welcome SirTokemhatz, Thamoriam and LightRunner Looking forward to seeing all of you online in the next few hours and days.
  3. I like the added pelt idea and it is only QL 5, so helps getting things started like creating a QL 10+ large cart. I recall making my first large cart and getting it to 9.8 before needing a pelt to continue imping.
  4. MARKS - Do Steam transactions for premium time and silver produce the same amount of Marks as the current WURM shop? If yes, then is it integrated and we can expect the MARKS to be available in-game at the same speed as it is now or will there be a transaction delay going through the Steam store?
  5. Love the names... now lets move on. So many of us are just excited for the new server launch no matter the names. 😛
  6. Agreed, I know some like the Map dumps to be released early, but I for one would like the thrill of adventure of trying to make my way using the in game map and landmass landmarks. If I am going through the trouble of creating a new toon I want to get close to the experience I had when I first started and spawned on a road near "The Howl" on Independence many moons ago without the temptation of map dumps before release. Lets have the map dumps a little while after the initial surge.
  7. The more we have the easier it becomes for all... love seeing the interest growing as we get closer to launch day. 😉
  8. Signing up! Thanks for all the planning and future planning to come. Looking forward to a beautiful village!
  9. I like it... has potential for so many areas of WURM. I would certainly like a nice grass woven fishing or farming hat. Or using a woven steamer to make some tasty dumplings.
  10. Coming back to the Hunting Lodge after a long day of fighting and butchering... Looking forward to a good hot meal and a cozy bed warmed by the fire. 🍗 🍺 🛏️ 🔥
  11. Agreed - looks like a pantry. But I do like that picture! it makes me hungry. Larders and old Ice Boxes were definitely in the form of a cabinet style. In fact the one we have in game would be for a well-off family. The average citizen would be lucky to have more than one shelf.
  12. Lots of great ideas for player owned/controlled NPCs ! Have some of you seen KatsPurr Ultima Project? - recreating the cities of Ultima within WURM Unlimited. Here is one episode that shows how NPCs can bring WURM to life: Wurm Unlimited - Recreating Ultima Online - Part X - Building Nujel'm For the nay sayers... It is hard to understand why NPCs on a deed can be a bad thing. The main argument that I keep hearing is that they want players to fill the deeds and make them living breathing villages. We've had 15 years of fantastic projects and we fill our deeds with items to make it feel more "lived in" but never quite succeeding without other players visiting or being part of the deed. If you could consistently gather enough players to keep a deed lively then why isn't it done on a consistent basis? Its because we are human and we strive to explore and create from our own mind's eye. I can travel to 10-20 deeds in one day and never meet another person despite 150 people playing on the server. It is for this reason that we should have Deed NPCs developed for the players.
  13. I was just talking to some of my Steam friends in an attempt to have them join me on the new Steam release server and this question definitely came up. Some didn't care as they never played before, some have played and didn't like putting in a year of game time to be told that the server would be joining the main cluster. I asked the following of those that had concerns: If you advanced your character on the Steam release server and you wanted to leave would you pay a one way ticket (character transfer) to the main cluster instead of the enter server joining the cluster and they all said YES. Of course the conversation broke down from there due to all the other logistics of what could they take? Merchant? Horse(s), ships? Carts, wagons? But, the consensus was overwhelmingly to keep the server separate. I also understand that the in the past other start-separate servers have joined the cluster after a period of time, but I'd also like to point out that I don't think there was any real polling on the matter other than general forum polling. If the Steam server was ever considered to join the main cluster in the future then I would hope that a real poll of paid premium players of the Steam server would be part of the process.
  14. We could flip this idea around a little and make whatever the Title bonus or reward more of a community asset by giving something back to the Deed/Village/Alliance. Perhaps a range of items could be enhanced for the entire deed and thus might also be a mechanism leading to more integrated communities (this includes alliances) As indicated above some type of Title bonus but instead of the individual gaining a reward it is spread to a deed buff. Some examples might be: A master Chef (Sl 50) might bring an extra 1% nutritional bonus to all food prepared on the deed (no matter who cooks it). Same with other primary skill sets as long as the skill activity takes place within the deed. Perhaps as a community gains different grandmasters at 90+ skill in the village (or alliance), the deed upkeep can get a reduced upkeep buff. (the number of grandmasters TBD) I know the solo crowd would not like this, but honestly the solo crowd (and newbies) would now have more reasons to consider joining a village or alliance if community buffs helped their game-play.
  15. One full set Bronze edition studded please. COD to Kahn Bronze edition - jacket and pants ql93, other parts ql90 EDIT... And received! Very Fast Response. Thank you