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  1. I was farming and was attacked by a lion. Easy kill but I was loaded and slow. I called for the guards and they said they were on their way but they never moved. I called multiple times and They all just stood around. What happened?
  2. Hey All, I got a little lag thing here in Xan but it doesn't effect my gameplay much. I have never died due to lag or lost a fight due to lag. I just find it a pain in the @$$. Mostly spikes. I have found that if I relog it settles down. I moved to Xan for the creature spawns. I needed to up FS real bad. Its been good here. I wont complain, Just get the server back up. PLEASE
  3. WTB Deed

    Hello, I have one on Xan for sale. It is waterside at the end of a road East of Glasshollow. Waterfront is getting hard to find these days. From the Token it is 6 west to 5 east. 6 north and 12 south. No pictures my comp skills are low. 2 large flat areas. 1 up a hill slightly and 1 down. Currently there are horses fenced in on the top with a low qlty wood fence. Easy to bash. The bottom has a big garden. Very private. The deed bleeds off into the side of a giant mountain. I know there are mines but its all collapsed at the entrance. There is a little over 5 silver in the coffers . 2 Templar on duty to protect me while I terraformed it. Plenty of room to continue terraforming and expand. Guard tower up the mountain above. Cant count on the guards to ever help. Could expand and destroy it and build one down at the bottom. Clay everywhere. Shout at me on line if you want. I am on a lot in Texas time. It is located at c-11 ne
  4. Minimarket

    wtb brick and mortar. pm or leave quotes
  5. Sold

    Interested in the Knarr. Pm me or something. Im at Glasshollow Xan
  6. closed

    Please cod the saw to Yakyuk c83w84
  7. non owner unlocked knar located at Indy. Might make a good disposable war ship. Owner long gone. PM Yakyuk for location.
  8. meditation rug 83coc, cod to Yakyuk please
  9. Ill take one with 80+ aosp. cod Yakyuk
  10. WTS Lamps

    I keep looking but cant find you on.
  11. WTS Lamps

    Ok, Indy-31y/30x A place called Watchtower. I run on Texas time so weekdays I am on about an hour every morning before work, sevenish. I am on in the evenings almost everyday. 9 to 12. 8 to 12 sometimes. Today is Monday a holiday so I will be on a lot. As for delivery , you just need to drop them on my property they will be safe. I am waterfront so its easy to get to my harbor by ship.
  12. WTS Lamps

    Bring me all 45 and I'll give 5 silver. Hows that? I really don't know what they sell for.