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  1. No point to killing a new deed or kingdoms horses. That's counterproductive to the whole server. imo
  2. I like death tabs, I think the map is big enough that its ok. +1 nolo, I think make it able to be located through just like jewelry. Maybe a bit harder to locate through then jewelry or something, or only castable on jewelry. Having it so you can't get through at all is over powered. Also what proph said +1 the artifact should properly locate. It doesn't right now.
  3. Also, the same could be said for you. Just because you don't like what someone named their character, doesn't mean you should tell them what to name THEIR god.
  4. What kills me is this is a group of adults having this conversation...How about making a complaint thread instead of bringing all this rubbish to what was supposed to be a congratulations thread.
  5. Because you have to like every part of everything in the game? No, just stop. If you don't like it don't join his religion. Get over it. If someone immerses themselves in a game sooooo much that the name of a god would ruin their experience then they need to go outside anyway.
  6. That's a forum name not an ingame name, and it still shouldn't matter. Its not your toon, you didn't work for it. Unless the character is named something super inappropriate (like something racist or sexist or otherwise super offensive) it shouldn't matter to anybody, it's just a name.
  7. Who cares what he named his character. Can you guys get something better to complain about. He worked really hard for it, it should be named after his char just like everyone else. That's part of the reward. Gratz Nathan...
  8. I think the trees need to go. And I think we can all work on it if we want to get rid of them.
  9. Is this getting fixed any time soon or???
  10. Hiding on a deed, and building a deed, are not the same things.
  11. I went out today and half of the map is Mycelium. I understand what Rite of Death does and what it is for, however it clearly can be cast too often and spreads too much. This is a brand new map and now is half ruined. (imo) Also I understand that we can just pack it and get rid of it that way, but because they can recast every 24 hours there is literally no way to keep up with it or get rid of it. If we were packing to get rid of it, and they are recasting to make more, there is no way to even break even, no matter what it would just keep spreading. The way Rite of Spring works is it is based on prayers. A certain amount of prays have to happen for it to even pop up on our list of castable spells. Which usually works out to mean it is only cast every few months. It's been 228 days since the last ros on serenity and more than that on elevation. Another thing that someone pointed out is that RoD should not show the caster exactly who is on the server. It's an exact /who with a full names list. There should be a spell that WL can cast to get rid of Mycelium or to decrease the amount in an area. The way it is now, we would have to find all the altars put up and then destroy them, and then wait months and months for it to go away. When they can cast and spread it every 24 hours. It's too much.