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  1. If you have a macro-enabled keyboard you are currently allowed to create a 'Farm then Harvest' macro as long as it doesn't loop or have pauses. The idea of having one keybind for general actions is to save a few seconds by not having to right click and select an option. For example right now spacebar is bound to 'take' which saves me loads of time picking things up since I don't have to right click -> take. Being able to take things and then open my cart all with one keybind, now that is a sweet sweet dream. Edit: While you could make a "spam every command" macro for this some things do conflict. I don't want it spamming harvest when I meant it for farming. or having it open a BSB and then closing it.This would be a bit more of a 'smart key' that looks at what you have activated, and what actions are available before deciding which to select.
  2. If you lot have open slots come game day and are accepting <70 FS I can tag along and play troll fodder
  3. Reddit Harbor on the map is where Lallyllon should be (needs adding to the map). Reddit Harbor is a bit further North than what it is shown on the map. Please and thanks, oh great map maker!
  4. I woke up this morning and my arthritis is killing me so I thought this up to save me a bit. If you ever played any of the Elderscrolls games I believe you will be somewhat familiar with this proposal. Many objects we interact with have one particular action that a player will choose. This is a proposal to have one key (space bar) that will perform that dominant action, while also leaving the current UI intact. Examples: Chest/BSB/FSB: Open/Close Items on ground: Take Aggressive Mobs: Target Practice Doll/Archery Target: Practice Tamed Horses: Ride Felled tree: Chop up Cave Wall: Mine The action could be different depending on what you have activated for example: Actions for a tree: Sickle activated: pick sprout Axe activated: Cut down Actions for farming: Seeds activated: Sow Rake activated: Tend Scythe activated: Harvest The possibilities are endless, and can be implemented slowly. I would also suggest that no dominant actions be added for creating objects to deter cheating.
  5. Yeah farming should take me less time so I can focus on other aspects of the game that I more enjoy like masonry; making bricks and mortar.
  6. I've been raking my wilted crops with a rare pickaxe since 1.1 came out hours ago and they give me NO yield whatsoever when I harvest them. I am upset. Unless you were able to sow, tend, grown, and harvest all between the server maintenances in the last 2 hours complaints are unjustified at this time and you will be tasting your foot in a week.
  7. I was able to add extensions up to my skill level as if I was building a house pre-1.1
  8. I use 6 on my surface because Windows 8 and Java 7 doesn't jive well with Wurm. No problems on my end. I run in 64-bit using the .bat file
  9. Just for reference. Has this been stickied? If not it should be. Source: Also to note that it is a memory leak, that means it works like a snowball effect. The longer you are logged in the worse its going to get so if you notice you've been on for a bit and you start to lag try restarting before it becomes a problem.
  10. Just use a mule/alt account to hold onto things while you pvp, its one of the safest banks lol.
  11. We just had a tower decay away. The 4th floor had 4 stone parapets on it and were last to decay. There was a "Scaffolding" of building plans all the way up the tower to the parapets, no floors no walls, just plan. Yes everything drops to the ground once the floors are gone. Once the bottom walls are gone the other floors decay at an accelerated rate.