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  1. Thanks for putting Man in a Box in my head.
  2. It's been said a lot already. If you've already created a char but did not log, you'll have to wait for the name to become available again before using that name.
  3. Because this game can totally be won in 3 days.....
  4. To be fair, if it's anything like Inde, it's not like Inde is teaming with mobs to begin with. lol
  5. That's when they add another server, etc. It's a much better solution than a Xanalag server.
  6. I like it. It seems like a nice balance of mountains and flatter area.
  7. I expect a Skyrim Fallout 4 Wurm Online edition.
  8. I don't see how we'll be able to properly gauge this until launch. If they need to increase that's a great problem to have. lol
  9. I'd be willing to do the exchange of 36s for 18s on Harmony.
  10. There's a lot more to it than just that. You have all the items the char has, the animals cared for, carts, wagons, ships, friendships, logs, items made by the character, silver, etc. Then there's the fact that there's both Epic and Freedom (which there might not even be a char of your name on one of them if you never logged in there, another hazard in itself). Let me ask you this: Would you rather have character be able to be deleted or everyone's items, skills, everything corrupted? Everything you ever paid for in game gone. Your choice. Lose hundreds? Some people losing thousands? Just for a name change? Do you really want to risk that? lol
  11. I like the new names as well. Nothing but respect from me for listening to the community (minus a few outliers obviously) and acting on it.
  12. I really like this actually. Like REALLY like this. To me, that's been one of the major issues: the pvp players are the ones that kill a lot of the uniques on the pve servers. Maybe we can actually have more balance in terms of hunting parties for once (although I'm not holding my breath entirely there lol)
  13. I'm not 100% an expert on this (although I do work with databases for a living at the moment), but If there wasn't the risk of database corruption due to the deletion of chars, I would be for this. There would have to be a "safe" way for this to happen, otherwise we could be in for a nasty nasty time for everyone if not careful.
  14. Have you read any of my posts before this in this thread. Any at all?... lol
  15. Nope! It really hasn't. lol Can't please everyone.
  16. This term can be said in the same way though for the names chosen, which is what caused the backlash in the first place. You say people here are going "here's the facts everyone disagrees is wrong", but are you not doing the exact same thing? Therefore, perhaps trying to understand why things are happening the way they are might be the next best thing. You don't have to agree with it, but look at the poll results so far and tell me with a straight face a name change isn't what the community wants. 90% of the community. That's a rather large portion don't you think? If you don't think that's a fact I don't know what to tell you as probably nothing is going to convince you, logical or not. At the end of the day, we all want a good game. Names can be very important in a game and shouldn't be overlooked.
  17. How so? You could have both available could you not? Just gives us more options which is never a bad thing.
  18. If someone's using this to grind carp skill they're doing it wrong. lol Oh and +1
  19. +1 Something that should have been in the game a long time ago if you ask me.
  20. Let's put this into context a bit: if you're going to have a carpentry skill called "Joinery" just for using pegs instead of nails, you might as well have a smithing skill called "Nailmaking". If you have a smithing skill called "Nailmaking" what's stopping skills like "Ribbonmaking" from coming up? I don't know if this is a path we want to go down.
  21. So one thing I want to point out here is that realism is not always the best idea in a video game (which is what I think you are implying with this). Just because a game is in a medieval setting, doesn't mean all of the inconveniences of the medieval age should be in the game. Just as a random example, imagine getting robbed as you traveled down a highway in game. That might sound like a cool idea at first as that also is medieval, but that could go horribly wrong very fast. So there needs to be a balance between what is realistic for the setting and what is realistic to make the game fun. If this game isn't fun, people are not going to want to play.
  22. Let's get the names right rather than worrying about a competition. We are literally trying to revive the game and names can be more important than people think. If we take the competition over the actual names themselves, we have a potential losing situation with the game itself. The point should be to have 2 good names for the servers. That's it. It shouldn't matter the method so long as the names are good. These names were not good.
  23. An hour or 2 is playing too much?... because that's all it takes if you are going for certain skills.
  24. Playing a vynora priest. I will likely have a completely different gameplay than I normally have with the old cluster so I'm looking forward to it.