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  1. Personal opinion here, and I know most, if not all of this has already been said, but the more people the better I figure.... 1) I think ALL information needs to be conveyed on the forums. The streams are great for showing upcoming features, and I still encourage that, but you are probably only showing them to less than 10% of your audience. Most people are not going to be watching your streams or watching them afterwards because it's not as easy as reading a forum post whenever they want. 2) I think important things like priest changes need to be the highlight of the forum post and not as an "oh, by the way..." part of the post, which is what was presented here. It's literally the single most important thing of the update. 3) I think more time also needs to be given between a major announcement like priest changes and the actual implementation. Perhaps something like 2 months instead of 2 weeks. 4) I really want to see this game succeed and I love the priest changes. I'm all for it. But keep in mind public relations are important. They will likely make or break your game. This is not a post directed at anyone. This is my opinion to you guys in hopes that you at least listen and consider all of this in the future.
  2. I (Chiqa) will also be available for imping: WS, BS, FC, SS, Mason, currently working on Cloth as well.
  3. New deed: Hillpeace Location: F22/G22 (at the red marker 1544, 506) Thanks for keeping the map up to date!
  4. EDIT: Misread the post. Thought you were going after Sugar and Jo, but I'm assuming now you aren't? Good luck with your sale in any case.
  5. Hi there Chiqa i just noticed your deed on my way to coast to visit the brothers "at tha cut" and just noticed now you are form BC like me.. i was born in Richmond on the coast and now live downtown Van. small world eh?? take care and loved your deed will pass by today on my way to the coast.. 

  6. If this is cleared up, then wouldn't it be better for the op to actually state that it's been cleared up rather than the person actually.... you know.... causing the drama? Kind of hard to believe you otherwise Vortexxx
  7. If some random silly neighborhood dispute from Pristine finds it's way onto Chaos or Epic, I'm sure people from Chaos or Epic would make fun of those people at first. However, if those same disputes kept going back to Chaos and Epic when they shouldn't, I'm pretty sure the pvpers would be just as annoyed as some of the pvers have expressed.. Would you want a whole bunch of drama that you don't cared about spilling into your kingdom that has nothing to do with your kingdom? That's what's happening on the pve servers. The thing is, geographically speaking the pvp servers are separate from pve servers; therefore, it is artificially a pvp vs pve issue. Geography defines it, not the actual definitions of pvp and pve. It doesn't matter if it's to do with in game or on the forums, it's still a bunch of drama that's in a place where it shouldn't be.
  8. I will try to be there on Bibi (fo priest)
  9. If you're talking money in the bank only, then you're looking at a statistic that's not going to mean much. Some people hold a lot of money in their bank while others spend all of their money on assets. Money also fluctuates. I think for most people, sometimes they'll have a lot of money, other times they'll have very little depending on recent events in their Wurm life. Therefore, it's going to be impossible to accurately determine money distribution.
  10. Except during those times there were declines in subscribers. Look at when servers would open. The playerbase would increase than slowly decrease each time. Just because the subscriber count is dying doesn't mean the game's dying. When a sports team loses for a while the fanbase attending the game depletes, it doesn't mean the team's dying. When a business makes less sales of a product, yet still sells the product, the business isn't dead. (I still see CD stores around even) So to say at this point that "Wurm is dying"..... all it is is a guess. It's not fact. It's a guess and a vague one at that at this point.
  11. Yes guys. It is healthy. You may not believe this but once upon a time we had less subscribers than now. Did the game die then? What's even the point in saying "Wurm's going to die"? To troll? To grab attention? I don't get it.
  12. lol That chart's actually better looking than I thought it would be and actually shows Wurm's not dying. A decline in players? Yes. Still a healthy player base? Also yes!
  13. sold

    To anyone wondering, I currently own the character Chiqa. I am not the original owner of Chiqa. The Chiqa Silvirwolfe is referring to is the original owner of Chiqa, now known as Chiqqa in game. She also is the forum account owner of Chiqa. This WTS post is for the original Chiqa, not me. That being said, my heart goes out to the original Chiqa in her time of need.
  14. Easter Impalong

    I'll have some more logs to bring as well when I can head over in a few hours.
  15. I have to agree for the most part. Public slayings should be encouraged, yet, they aren't. This is largely because the slayings encourage small groups to benefit more than large groups. However, I mostly posted this suggestion to make it impossible to pen uniques. Clearly it is possible at the moment. No one "owns" the uniques. At least that's clearly not the intention Rolf had in mind otherwise they wouldn't have been changed in the first place.