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  1. EverWurm Launch

    Latest changes: Reduced deed costs to about 50% as well as upkeep. The standard 3 silver maintenance fund has been reduced as well. You can get a basic deed for around 1.5 silver. Removed priest restrictions while maintaining separate spells per deity. This means all priests can cut wood, mine, etc with no penalties.
  2. Thanks, but I mean the whole map. Is there any way discovered yet to do so? I tried deleting map_cave.map and it regenerates but fills all mined squares back in.
  3. We have a few mines created by now, but the distribution of ores is not at all what we wanted and would like to regenerate the tiles while leaving mined rock squares alone. Is there a way to do this?
  4. You need two characters, one a normal player and the second one a GM. You will only use the GM when required, and play normally with the non GM. Otherwise it is a chore to redo the GM status and remove as you have found out.
  5. EverWurm Launch

    UPDATE: Bounties are now paid for mobs killed, so you have a way to earn some money. Most mods from above post are in, although at least two are causing the server to hang, "fishy tweaks" and "Bulkmod" The in game and web map is not working ( have not had time to study how to yet )
  6. EverWurm Launch

    We have removed the password and the server is up. If you try it out, would you mind giving a post here or an email to nr.kimb@gmail.com please? Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.
  7. EverWurm Launch

    We are going to be adding some other mods, anyone have suggestions on critical additions? I believe we will try to get the mod from Sindusk on preventing early mob warning and wonder how taxing is that on the server?
  8. EverWurm Launch

    As original players of EverQuest when it started up, my sister and I hosted a Wurm Unlimited server back in 2015 named EverWurm. We are bringing it back up ( on a different server of course ) and a new map along with quite a few mostly Quality of Life mods. Q. So what is the driving factor to do this? A. We have played on several servers recently and all were good for awhile until eventually things seemed to fall apart. We want a reliable environment that is able to be adjusted as the community needs change. We will be willing to make changes right away as we experience the same things, and listen to the players. We have a small 11 x 11 'safe area' setup that new players will spawn into that has an oven, forge, FSB, BSB, and fencing to protect new players until you can fend for yourself. We are currently set to use: x3.0 skill gain, x5.0 action timers, PvE 4k by 4k Map ( I will be posting it soon ) and the following mods: Ago Mods: Announcer, CropMod, HarvestHelper, HTTPServer, InbreedWarning, ScriptRunner, ServerMap Bdew Mods: Better Digging, Better Farming, Movement Tweaks, Hitching Limits, HotS Fixes, Fix Guards, Taxidermy, Archaeology Tweaks, Waxed Food, Fishy Tweaks We also want to get Discord Relay going in the next day or two. Let us know if you are interested in trying us out! We want to give a few days notice ( mods are not yet setup ) to be ready to start at same time, instead of just opening up and those on first get a huge head start. We are going to resurrect our old web site and will post it after cleaning it up. ( low priority currently ) Lastly, we could really use some people to create characters and test the mods listed. The server people have indicated they have been installed. It is registered at https://wurm-unlimited.com/server/9755
  9. @CuddlesWhat do we have to do with this download to get it to function? I presume it goes on our dedicated server, but where? And do we need to link it somewhere? Thanks
  10. Can we get an answer on this please? Eitr? Is it possible to have the generic tile_tree randomly choose between all trees? Or a file we create with line entries of tile_tree_walnut etc for it to choose from?
  11. Online Map Viewer

    I noticed the nearly last line in the dos box when starting the server, right before the 'connected to steam' it says... Internal RMI disabled ( or something very similar ), any idea what that is?
  12. Online Map Viewer

    I am trying to set this up on a windows server, it is giving an error on running mapviewer.jar: I can not understand what it is trying to tell me but it looks like it is not making a connection. Here is my config.json I verified the rmiPassword from the area of the rim port section labelled intra server password, is this the right one? Thank you for any help you can offer.
  13. My server has no flowers ever to pick. Could you explain where these changes you refer to are located exactly? Thanks.
  14. Website: EverWurm.enjin.com Map Link: ( also avail at website ) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8WgX5Pt2I-rWXpYTl81YmlZTFE/view x7 skill gain and x7 action, PvE only at this point. All players start at the Newbie Town, which is located in the South Western corner of the map just East of the corner on the South shore. We will mark it on the map soon, other start up tasks are higher priority currently. Deeds are free to claim and upkeep is zero but we request these rules be followed: Land claim size 21 by 21 ( or double the default ), and 4 guards. There is plenty of land and we will discuss the future once we have a community.
  15. Setup story: Used Custom Map at 4k to create the world. Copied the creative database and put map there. Started the server with 50k creatures and mostly it was fine ( ok, so it was sort of like Jurassic Park 3 as one player commented LOL ). However occasionally the server would lag for 30 seconds. Investigating: I looked through the logs Wurm.log.0 and most of it seemed fine but it hung mostly on creature polling or creature saving positions. So I lowered the #creatures to 20k and restarted server. Seems this does not 'kill off' excess mobs so I shutdown again and deleted the wurmcreatures.db ( or w/e it is called ) End results: That was a bad thing to do as I learned. Now the Spirit Templars are x2 on deeds though only the # authorized actually fight. And the lag is still there. So I'll post a condensed log and ask if anyone has ideas on how to recover and fix this intermittent lag. Thanks in advance