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  1. Online Map Viewer

    I noticed the nearly last line in the dos box when starting the server, right before the 'connected to steam' it says... Internal RMI disabled ( or something very similar ), any idea what that is?
  2. Online Map Viewer

    I am trying to set this up on a windows server, it is giving an error on running mapviewer.jar: I can not understand what it is trying to tell me but it looks like it is not making a connection. Here is my config.json I verified the rmiPassword from the area of the rim port section labelled intra server password, is this the right one? Thank you for any help you can offer.
  3. My server has no flowers ever to pick. Could you explain where these changes you refer to are located exactly? Thanks.
  4. Website: EverWurm.enjin.com Map Link: ( also avail at website ) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8WgX5Pt2I-rWXpYTl81YmlZTFE/view x7 skill gain and x7 action, PvE only at this point. All players start at the Newbie Town, which is located in the South Western corner of the map just East of the corner on the South shore. We will mark it on the map soon, other start up tasks are higher priority currently. Deeds are free to claim and upkeep is zero but we request these rules be followed: Land claim size 21 by 21 ( or double the default ), and 4 guards. There is plenty of land and we will discuss the future once we have a community.
  5. Setup story: Used Custom Map at 4k to create the world. Copied the creative database and put map there. Started the server with 50k creatures and mostly it was fine ( ok, so it was sort of like Jurassic Park 3 as one player commented LOL ). However occasionally the server would lag for 30 seconds. Investigating: I looked through the logs Wurm.log.0 and most of it seemed fine but it hung mostly on creature polling or creature saving positions. So I lowered the #creatures to 20k and restarted server. Seems this does not 'kill off' excess mobs so I shutdown again and deleted the wurmcreatures.db ( or w/e it is called ) End results: That was a bad thing to do as I learned. Now the Spirit Templars are x2 on deeds though only the # authorized actually fight. And the lag is still there. So I'll post a condensed log and ask if anyone has ideas on how to recover and fix this intermittent lag. Thanks in advance
  6. No luck there either. If I use 2000m it tries to allocate 2048 due to the conversion from decimal to hex AFAIK. The problem is my system is refusing to release the memory to java even though resource manager is showing 4330m free after boot up.
  7. I have the memory problem and can not figure out why. My system is Win7 64 bit with 8G RAM. System Information shows 5.47GB available. I open a cmd prompt and run the wgen.bat with this line -> java -Xmx2048m -jar WGenerator.jar <- and I get this error D:\My Stuff\Wurm Unlimited>java -Xmx2048m -jar WGenerator.jar Error occurred during initialization of VM Could not reserve enough space for 2097152KB object heap Any ideas on why Windows is not giving up the memory? Maximum I've been able to get is using 1024m Thanks.
  8. So this isn't really a map creator/editor per se? We need to build tools and interface to make it function? Has anyone done so, and where would the link be please?
  9. Wts Gems

    I will buy those for 1.4S and come pick them up, since I'm your near neighbor
  10. Close

    land bridge? seriously? people on that island volunteered to settle there knowing it was isolated. Move to the mainland if you don't like it but don't put a road across boat paths unless you plan to deed it all. Otherwise people will dredge it out.
  11. I agree with most of the things here, but don't really like the make more 'harder' mobs for 70fs or higher. I don't think hell hounds and trolls should be snooping around the newbie areas. Especially the hell hounds since you can't really shake one usually. Dying right out of the tutorial is not going to promote new players to stay. Having >70fs on my main I recently killed an Old Hell Hound and got [21:19:16] Fighting increased by 0.00968 to 70.2592. So somehow I went from getting 0.25ish to 0.009 just by hitting 70. That's broken imho and the root of this problem. On the breeding special traits, I think the real cure should be to introduce 'epidemics' that may occur if your animals are not well tended ( groomed, fed, etc ) and as the number of animals you have goes up, the likelihood of it happening ramps up. The epidemics would kill off large ( say 33 to 50 percent and maybe tweek this ) of the animals. This would drastically reduce the 'hoarding' I see here and there and probably allow in the wild spawning once again. This 'bred in captivity' thing is just plain idiotic, I'm sorry.
  12. I don't care if taking care of servers are 'demoralizing' to staff or not, if you are taking my money to play on your servers then someone needs to bring them up when they go down. Terrible service.
  13. with the terrible lag that seems to be growing in the server any more, twitch combat will result in you dying more than winning. now if Rolf wants to bring in a twitch based seperate server, power to him. If it is forced upon us, tell us now so I can quit paying 20 euros a month.