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  1. So, I ran out of things to try, since I tried everything and nothing worked. I thought it might have been the overclock and the under volt on my CPU I was on a 4.7ghz overclock on my CPU with an under volt of -0.06 Everything I run on my PC runs stable at that speed and under volt, but it seems like Wurm does not. I lowered the overclock by 0.1 to 4.6ghz and raised the voltage by 0.01 to -0.05. I haven't crashed since, I have been on all night last night, and I'm currently in a 4 hour session as I write this. Thank you for all your efforts guys and gals. The problem is solved.
  2. @Calan I have Wurm installed on a 3 month old SSD not a HDD, and I only have crashing problems in Wurm, no any other game/application crashes. I verified files through cmd with 'sfc /scannow' command. After I disabled FBO Support in settings last night, I was in a ~4 hour session, my game looks worse due to that option removing shadows and godrays from the sun. I have played with shadows, godrays and FBO support in the past and had zero problems, these crashes started happening when I returned back to Wurm around 5 days ago. Makes me think this might be a Wurm problem, and it isn't on my end, though I can't make sure. EDIT2: Nevermind, it even crashes with shadows off and VBO support disabled
  3. Even after Win10 fixing corrupted files and another reinstall of Wurm, the crashes still persist...
  4. @Finnn Sorry, I meant some of my win10 files were corrupted Wurm files were perfectly fine
  5. I have tried what Cowglue proposed, but the crashes are still there. I have just uninstalled Wurm again and verified Win10 files, it said it found some corrupt ones. Now I will install and play with default settings. Will update if anything changes.
  6. @Cowglue I have checked event viewer, and I do have errors DCOM 10010, however none that was at the time of Wurm crashing. The latest I can find is 25/02/2021 @Finnn I am playing as an admin user, and I have reinstalled Wurm previously but it did not help. I also know that the 'SEVERE' Ogg bitstream thing I've had for years and I ran without problems, I also read on the forums that quite a few people also receive this 'error' and are still running fine without crashes. I'm still scratching my head to what the problem could be. I also thought of verifying Win10 files, I will try that tonight and see if anything changes.
  7. Update 3: Tried playing in every screen mode possible, even window resizable, and I am still getting these crashes. Still can't find the cause of the problem, I tried various settings but no luck. Here are some more crash logs:
  8. @Nicrolis yeah I tried going window resizable and then to fullscreen in one session, and it seemed fine. Though still have to test it out a little bit more. I wonder what is causing the problem.
  9. SOLUTION: Lowering my overclock of CPU by 0.1 to 4.6ghz from 4.7ghz and raising voltage up by 0.01 to -0.05 from -0.06 Hello, My Wurm keeps crashing every 5 to 10 minutes. I could be doing any action, even standing still and making mats and it will crash. After Wurm crashes, no error message is displayed, just shuts down. I have up to date Nvidia drivers and the lastest Java version My specs are: 1070ti i7 9700k RAM - 16gb 3200mhz Dual Channel Please help. EDIT: I think I've solved the problem, I uninstalled Java (with uninstall tool) and reinstalled Wurm (removed all folders config+keybind too) So far so good, will update if any crashes come about. EDIT2: Nope, it is still crashing. Error did not pop up, though I looked inside Wurm directory and this time I found this: and here is console.log -
  10. The art work is really great, kudos to Malena. But, now imagine having to go through all this effort to put Wurm on steam, new UI, better graphics, better art to appeal to a bigger audience. Even when I tried to introduce my friends to Wurm back in 2016, all of them didn’t enjoy the game because of how clunky, and out-dated the UI and graphics were, and I could bet my arm that their attention span wasn’t longer than 6 seconds, therefore they couldn’t even dive deep into the game and learn the mechanics and the true beauty of this game, as that is what overshadowed the UI and graphics for me, and many others I can bet. However, judging from the new server names and how terrible they are; they just do not align with other server names. Those names really sound more of starter towns or deeds. I’m at all not surprised that everybody is cringing at them. To me it seems like you’re trying to appease to a younger audience. I feel like this isn’t where your audience lies, unless you want a quick buck, then again, even if they do become interested in playing and end up purchasing premium for one month, they won’t be around for a long time, and you certainly will not build a bigger and stable audience, but a quick buck is a quick buck right? My opinion may be wrong in all I said, but it is what it is. Although, I also feel like you need to reward the winners and maybe even contact them to work with better names so they fit within the Wurm realm. TL;DR: Art work good, names bad, reward winners, change names to fit with the Wurm realm
  11. Will we see the UI update before steam WO gets released?
  12. @ausimusThanks for your reply! Shame the map can’t be brought back to its original state. Looks like I’m going have to create my ‘own’ version of desertion. :)
  13. Is there any way or possibility to recreate/obtain a clean/unused desertion map? I would love to play offline on the desertion map
  14. WU of course, hence why it's under WU forums
  15. As the title says I will be listing all the bugs I come across etc, here we go Sacrificing overrides any current action that a player is doing. (e.g. player is casting an enchant and presses sacrifice, sacrifice overrides the current action) Dragging items from BSB's/FSB's/Crates, etc. displays this message = [16:09:22] You selected 2147483647 and [16:09:22] You may not carry that weight. Not allowing a player to drag heavier objects (rock shards etc.) from such storage to inventory Mailing large amounts of items to a player in one go causes the player to DC/Crash (e.g. 60 satchels FULLY filled with garlic) Will add more when I see any.