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  1. Will we see the UI update before steam WO gets released?
  2. @ausimusThanks for your reply! Shame the map can’t be brought back to its original state. Looks like I’m going have to create my ‘own’ version of desertion. :)
  3. Is there any way or possibility to recreate/obtain a clean/unused desertion map? I would love to play offline on the desertion map
  4. WU of course, hence why it's under WU forums
  5. As the title says I will be listing all the bugs I come across etc, here we go Sacrificing overrides any current action that a player is doing. (e.g. player is casting an enchant and presses sacrifice, sacrifice overrides the current action) Dragging items from BSB's/FSB's/Crates, etc. displays this message = [16:09:22] You selected 2147483647 and [16:09:22] You may not carry that weight. Not allowing a player to drag heavier objects (rock shards etc.) from such storage to inventory Mailing large amounts of items to a player in one go causes the player to DC/Crash (e.g. 60 satchels FULLY filled with garlic) Will add more when I see any.
  6. Iron plate armour doesn't show color when dyed, not sure if this is intentional or not, not sure on other plate metal types.
  7. I don't receive any error. Wurm Assistant opens up perfectly fine while WurmLauncher.exe does not even run in my processes and A: is my 2nd partition that I made so it should work from that location as my whole Steam is located there + the Wurm Assistant too and it runs fine. EDIT: Tried placing Wurm Unlimited and Wurm Assistant on the C: partition, WA opens and runs fine while again WU does not show up in my process or runs at all.
  8. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this in, but here we go regardless: Basically what I'm trying to do is to launch WU and WA together from one shortcut via a .bat file, because I'm lazy or sometimes forget to run WA. The .bat run is successful however it only runs WA and not WU. Any help would be appreciated as I'm failing to do this for over 3 hrs now. What is the problem here? @ECHO OFF start "" "A:\WurmAssistant3Launcher\AldursLab.WurmAssistant.Launcher.exe" start "" "A:\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\WurmLauncher.exe"
  9. Lost all the files before managed to upload >.<
  10. Oh my, oh my. UI update? Cannot wait to see that. Got any spoilers?
  11. So when's the WU update coming in? I can hardly wait for it.
  12. I seem to have a problem with the creature age mod, the animals just don't grow up, These are my settings: To my understanding, I have set the '#increaseGrowthTimer=480' which would be equivalent to 1 minute real time, which means animals aging from young to mature should take around 9 minutes, but they just stay at their current/normal age.
  13. Thank you so much
  14. I was wondering if there is a mod that speeds up the growth of a horse after it is born, I've been searching everywhere (or searching in the wrong place) for a mod like this (if it even exists), I play on my own single player server and it just seems like a pain waiting for one horse to grow up to a ride-able stage. If someone could please link me to such mod I would be forever grateful.