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  1. why not have an option on dirt while it's in your inventory called "create pile" that way a player can drop the dirt directly onto the ground without having to go through dropping other stuff first?
  2. My idea is that if you no longer have a use for something like lets say a large cart, you've made a better one or someone gave you one or you found an abandoned one with the name eroded off or something, why not instead of leaving it to rot, or destroying it, don't you include an option to dismantle it, that way players can have a CHANCE to get back a few of the materials used in the original creation of the item/wall/road/floor or whatever you may find that's deteriorating abandoned or is without a question of a doubt yours
  3. http://southport-wurm.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=307890 i almost forgot to add our village web page
  4. if your looking for a village, new or old players we're always looking for new members. This IS Southport, recently added to the deliverance map. if you would like to join us message Komimatsu, Rohmar, or myself either on here or in server and we'll get back to you asap. and don't be afraid to stop by our village and see what we got going on, we have recently started up a farm and are looking to sell our crops as they come in, Komimatsu will be in charge of that. we hope to see some of you there!