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  1. X17 Y8 bottom left hand corner Please add Questors View X18 Y6 Top left hand corner please add Willow's Rest
  2. WTB high QL Rare / Supreme knife, Fork and Spoon.
  3. As the title says looking to buy 2G coins via paypal.
  4. 1S / 2K = 7S for 14k 2s / 1k = 28s for 14k i think this is what the seller means with a discount for bulk purchase.
  5. Some one is clearly making it there job to teach us all the lesson to lock everything even the boots on your feet.
  6. bump... Still need the above please.
  7. I either have all the gems i need or have offers on the table for all the gems i need so this is now closed thanks.
  8. [23:04:00] GMT Rumours of a new The venerable forest giant is starting to spread.
  9. looking to buy loads of gems. Please PM me with your offers of gems and the price you want. Please note all gems must be delivered i will not travel. I am next to La Croxia on the Xanadu community map. around G26 i think. Please include the travel charges but seperately so i can see what your charging for the Gems. Thanks. BR
  10. There is a spate of this type of thing going on at the moment sorry to hear you became a victim. I had my Caravel "borrowed" at the weekend and a load of rare items including a loom and some forges plus a whole heap of resources Iron / Gold / Bricks / Mortar / clay etc. was taken. (The rare loom was made by Donyell if anyone gets offered it and feels like letting me know that would be nice) I had an alt still on the boat so luckily i got the boat back minus all the equipment. I forgot to change the permissions back once i had used my alts to help unload some of the stuff. Let it be a lesson to all honest folk to remember there are always opportunist around waiting to Steal/â€Borrow†anything they can. (not against the rules if it aint locked nick it seems to be the mentality of some) LOCK YOUR GEAR WITH LOCKS the permissions don't work without a lock. good luck getting your keys back luckily i had all mine in my inventory when the boat got stolen/borrowed I’m thankful for small mercies..