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  1. Why? Reduced lag would be enough of a bonus
  2. Same. One fifth of my freshly collected 99quality snowballs now have 18-21damage. 26ql larder on deed but not in building
  3. Thanks for the response @Brash_Endeavors I've done a lot of the fixes that I can but nothing has really ever changed (reboots, reinstalls, disabling stuff, shutting down extra clients) It's only been recently that it's started happening and ends up like 10 - 20 disconnects a day. But at the end of the day sounds like nothing can be done, I'll just bear with it. ~Jikuu
  4. I seem to be getting a lot of disconnects with this message in console every time. Was wondering what it was and whether anything can be done?
  5. Could you please COD me these runes: Crystal rune of Libila, bronze 27,01ql 38c Crystal rune of Libila, bronze 27,11ql 38c ~Jikuu
  6. Rare Large Shield, Iron to Jikuu please if you still have one
  7. Rare Rake, Iron to Jikuu please. Thank and Merry Christmas
  8. Peshmi at 3004, -1469 Amashke at 2909, -1006
  9. Super service. Sent and received in 10 minutes.
  10. edit: nevermind
  11. Hi there, I would be interested in buying a longsword (quality doesnt matter) with MS, LT and Nim (85-95 somewhere within that range). ~Jikuu edit: Wow.. awesome service. went above and beyond. total legend
  12. Just found your program and its exactly what I was looking for. Very well made from what I have seen. Thank you very much