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  1. if you look back all in all they were pretty quick and efficient. Update, then DDOS and then the move to another company with the whole wurm world and it just took 2 days ? Not bad . btw what was the name of the company that hosted WO before it moved to the new one ?
  2. do you think they go sleep now and go on working tomorrow ? maybe they just want to get the servers up and go on working whole night...
  3. Not a good idea to tell them you just build a cart. Next time try it with chopping wood for a campfire or sumpthin
  4. I also think a new host will be really worth the wait. Hopefully he is less ignorant then the old one, let a whole community wait for 24 hours just because the host cannot react quickly or has no interest to do so. They were not worth the money.
  5. You are more of the paranoid and not-so-friendly-sort ? I take it ?
  6. widening the sb-pool to 7 hours would be great also.
  7. They still can send a human son of nogump after him, if interpol fails.
  8. the harder the times the more we should say semper fidelis. if Code Club AB is out of such bad trouble, we can whine around and complain. I love when they are our uncles.
  9. > It seems to me that the hosting company is pretty much annoyed about the attacks to WO and wants to get rid of it. Pretty good for us, cause the most waiting time is caused by this company, and not by the attack.
  10. Sea Serpent

    Can we have shipcannons please ?
  11. Is this working with a non-prem alt also ?
  12. yeah i saw that list several times but i had hope that someone knows a hint or something not mentioned in the wiki. Also i dont sitt all day and wait for favor, i cast and pray and when favor is high enough i cast again but i dont have my main near me to give me things to sacc so i cannot sacc anything. I hope for pashka and droidnature my excuses will be enough on this now. i would have been happy to get more infos on the pack-thing and on 50c+ items to sacc but well, every pearl has to come with a shitload when it comes to wurm i guess..thx all.
  13. tending wounds is pretty easy to make i guess,have to make a nonprem char for this then. packing would be more easy but i did not get a confirmation on this one, and my priest is far from home, has no shovel with him. If i would find a item with a get-price of 50c + would be cool also
  14. Phew, dunno what to say to this. I play my priest, i dont just sit and wait for favor, do i know you ? I have dropping my alignment, that is why i make this post, you know ? I wonder why you dont know about dropping alignment, do you play your priest or just talking ? I have no shovel on me, so i cannot try out how much alignment packing tiles give. And i asked for easy to make items with a get price of 50c, not for cordage ropes which are not easy to make
  15. Packing tiles is something that would work great, cause you can do it nearly everywhere, is it giving 1.00 alignment ? Also saccing would be good but is there a easy to make item with 50c get-price ?
  16. Playing a vyn-priest and i wonder what would be the easiest way to prevent alignment from dropping. chopping old, very old and overaged trees seems pretty easy but i dont have trees to chop close by. But maybe i can get some ideas here, what do you do to keep alignment on 100 ?
  17. ..and into a knarr also, but it seems its easier to wait until the patch is out and simply try it out, then trying to get real, bundled informations here. How many crates get into a knarr, large and small ones, and with how many things they can be filled.
  18. In 2 days crates are coming , are there somewhere real and secured informations about them ?
  19. Please, some sleep bonus this time ok ? would be great as a faith bonus
  20. I would like sleep bonus much more. Grinding a skill faster is much more of a help, then standing 1 day longer at the forge.
  21. I understand the anger, i'm tired of those hours-off-events also. When i remind right, the last event was last week at the same time, a few hours also and started nearly at the same time. Can it be that its the prime time to have fun for some DDOS-kids ? I mean see it like this: when you hate a certain online game and you want to make the players really mad and bring them up against the game-makers, when would you start such an attack ? I would start it at the time people would be REALLY frustrated and annoyed, and this is, when people have the working week finished, have 2 free days infront of them, made full plans what to do in wurm, sitting at their pc and then BANG...don't log out or you are out.... So my guess is: 1. DDOS 2. ex-players that want to do revenge for some reason 3. the starting point of the problem was 6 pm east coast, so this would be the playing-weekend- starting-now-primetime.
  22. Same here. Played with 2 clients on my notebook, with low settings they were running smooth, after that patch frame rate heavily dropped, cpu is maxxed out so whole notebook is slow.
  23. cleaned my flat last year somewhen. holy.
  24. still no login, 2 prem carrers lying flat !