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  1. Good Day! I would like your Two 4 Draft and Two of your 3 Drafts if they are still available.... I am just NW of you so I can come pick them up.... Saltheart of Saltheart's Watch. Thank You!
  2. Good Afternoon, I wanted to request that Port Atlas (approx Y-33 X-5) be changed to Harbor Myst. Port Atlas was disbanded as the original owner moved West to the costline (when another deed was abandoned). I have since deeded his old port (with his permission since he is now my neighbor) and named her Harbor Myst. It lies on the Northern shore of the mouth of the small bay about 3/4th down the Western coastline --- across from The Harbor Guard deed. You can likely just use the existing position of Port Atlas and change the name to Harbor Myst. Thanks! Warhaft
  3. Hails! I may just drop a vendor more geared toward New Players -- I own the deed (Warmark's Ward) just to the North of the Market. I was thinking that I needed to add a vendor by my INN to help new players with getting lower to mid QL (but better than Newbie) tools and such but would be happy to place it in the Market if that helps with traffic. Great Job on the Market area -- I will be in touch Warmark (formerly Warhaft - thus the Forum Name) p.s. -- Warmark's Ward is "New Player Friendly" with Public Forge, Oven, and Loom... A Public Inn... Guard Tower within easy run of Inn... and Token to Sell To... Public Mine a short run away! New Players are Welcome!
  4. Deliverance is actually a pretty nice server... Smaller map with mostly Land and Lakes (boats not required to travel from corner to corner). There is a pretty friendly group of deeds just North of Green Dog (the Starting Town) -- In fact, I am trying to setup some "cottages" for new players to "Use" for the first month or two of their play. Give them a safe area to begin the adventure. Warmark's Ward - On Deli Community Map I have an Inn (beds to rent - 10 iron - for travellers to gain Sleep Bonus) Public Forge, Oven, Loom and a Public Access Iron Mine just up the road. Guard Tower within 20 tiles of the INN with 5+ Guards wandering the area at all times. (several other guard towers in local area as well) Token is open to Public as well for selling Sits along a lake shore -- Lake of Tears -- so great fishing and water source Lots of areas nearby to cut wood, forage, botanize, collect grass Soon to have some "New Player Cottages" that I will be available for new players. I will keep the Writs to the houses and they are on my Perimeter so they will not have Deed restrictions for tennant I will place the New Player as Friend on House so they have full access and can use. Will have a bed and a little storage inside. Even trying to build or gather small carts for new players to use to help with hauling. I plan to also have small parcells in a fenced area for farming -- probably will be 2 x 4 plots behind locked gates. The Inn and Public Crafting Stations are already there... and I will be working this weekend on several small starter cottages (Jan 31 - Feb 1) that will be open first come first served. Sorry for the long post but I thought this was a good place to add this info. Soon will be posting it on the Deliverance Forum as well. Peace to you all! Whatever Server you New Players choose, I hope you take the time to learn the game and give it a good play before getting frustrated. The game is a lot of fun once you get the hang of how everything works... Starting out can be tough, that's why I thought a New Player Friendly area was a noble thing to try for. Sincerely, Warmark (formerly Warhaft)
  5. Well... My main character is Warmark (old toon is Warhaft - thus the Forum name) I was gifted a horse with the name Old Warmark by a gentleman who was travelling and happened to see my name as he passed by my deed. He knew a friend who had a 4 speed horse with my exact character name. :-) He obtained the horse from his friend and gave him to me... :-)
  6. Good Afternoon, Regarding the Map Changes above..... Please Note the following change After looking closer at my map --- You will want to move the East / West portion of the canal farther North... it is just above the small patch of Tar just West of the "k" in Lake of Tears --- I hadn't noticed the Tar Patch before now. The Canal entrance is just North of the Tar.... With this change the actual North / South portion of the canal / tunnel is pretty short which is mor accurate. So the canal will actually run straight West from about the "ak" in Lake to where it would meet the North/South portion. Sorry for the change... Like I said, I just didn't notice the Tar Patch until I was looking at my post again. Thanks! Warmark (formerly Warhaft)
  7. Here is an Image for some Road Changes (and a New Canal/Tunnel) North of Green Dog --- The Astoria to Warmark's Ward area. The Yellow are New Roads The Purple are Old Roads that can be removed The Blue is the New Canal (Tunnel) betweent Lake of Tears and Rainbow Lake Thanks! Warmark (formerly Warhaft)
  8. Wow... Simply... Wow! :-) What an amazing view... Very impressive!
  9. Hails! I have to build a new Public Forge... :-( I noticed the other day someone must have loaded the one I had out along my Perimeter across the road from the INN. I am not sure if I place the forge, oven and loom on my deed (right next to the INN) can others still use it? I will plan on building the new forge tonight or tomorrow (Wednesday)... There is a Public Forge in the Public Mine just to the West of my Inn however, so new players can mine the ore and use the forge in there for now. Thanks LennyHarvey85 --- feel free to upgrade as much as you can... you may not wanna go too high tho as it appears someone may load it up and cart it off. If I can plant the crafting stations actually on my deed and still allow people to use them then I will do so. Peace! Warmak (formerly Warhaft but cannot figure out how to switch over my Forum Name... LOL )
  10. I know it's an older topic but... Timber Framed Walls are white with wooden frame. :-) --- kinda a pain to build as they take 5 Timber Frame Beams (not sure the exact name), 20 clay and 10 grass for each wall. And it is 25 actions per wall instead of the normal 20 actions (I think it is 20 actions) for regular wooden walls. The one good thing about Timber Framed Walls... no nails required... just a Hammer / Mallet and wood beams, clay, grass. Anyway, I was looking as well for some photos of regular wooden walls painted white and found nothing. So I figured I would add my two cents to this thread for any future readers. Peace! Warmark of Deliverance (formerly Warhaft)
  11. OK... A more pointed question would be... If I am out logging and I am using a cart with hitched animals... how many tiles can I be away from the cart to keep someone from simply jumping aboard and driving off with the cart and animals? I realize that locking the cart will keep others from accessing the cargo but does it stop someone from Commanding the Cart / Driving it off? Not likely I know but I still would just like to know the basic mechanics of the anti-theft system... how many tiles... how much time away... etc. Thanks again for any input! Peace Warmark
  12. Hails! I am sorry if this is covered somewhere but I simply cannot find any info on how the Item Ownership Mechanics work in Wurm. Example: When an item is dropped on the ground (off deed) the game "knows" who is belongs to and will not let someone else pick it up.... I have some questions about the System Mechanics: 1. How long can it lay there before someone else can pick it up? (or is there a time limit?) 2. How far away (in tiles) from the item can I go before it becomes open to being picked up by someone else? 3. Does the system apply to mounts or creatures being lead on a rope? 4. I see several Markets that have Parking areas for Horses and/or pets... how can this protect you from a horse or other mount being lead away once you are off checking vendors? Anyway, I wanted to know how the mechanics of the system work so as to understand how to protect my items and mounts when out hunting / gathering / shopping, etc. Again, sorry if this info is out there somewhere...I just couldn't find it. Any and all responses are appreciated.... Thanks! Peace! Warmark of Deliverance (formerly Warhaft)
  13. OH... One additional note... I do not believe that there are any merchants left at STADIUM Market --- it is a cool place but I haven't seen any vendors there for awhile. It can be dangerous due to many creatures up there. Since there are not vendors there anymore you may wanna take the Vendor Icon off of it so newer players don't venture up there looking to browse. Just a suggestion.... (I have ran up there many times now just exploring (been playing about 2 mos) and have seen no vendors) Thanks! Warmark
  14. Hails! I have checked with my neighbors on the Un-named lake East of Rainbow Lake ---- we have come up with a name for our lake. We would like it to be listed as "Lake of Tears" due to the amount of newbs that have died in the past exploring along the lake. The cliffs to the East side of the lake can be treacherous and unforgiving for those wandering up there. :-) If this is possible, it would be most appreciated. --- as clarification, it is the un-named lake directly east of Rainbow Lake -- shaped a bit like an ax head. It is where Warmark's Ward is. Thanks again for all the hard work on this project! Peace! Warmark (formerly Warhaft)
  15. Very Good... will chat with all the locals and see what people want the lake to be known as... Thanks again for all the hard work! It is VERY MUCH Appreciated! Peace! Warmark (formerly Warhaft)