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  1. Update: Der Server wurde mit einer von uns selbst erstellter Map neu gestartet. We have restarted our WU-Server, with a new self created map. Startpunkt/Spawnpoint: Heaven Kingdom: Freedom CA-staff: Caduryn - other CA will follow Serverkarte/ Servermap: Thanks for: Budda for WGenerator. Keenan for MapViewer Tpikols for the map-layout sample.
  2. contract with PE Enterprises can be closed
  3. Sorry I forgot. Release north. Coast "water seven"
  4. Hi there, Want to buy a 10kg gold lump ans a 100kg iron lump(Ql 90+)
  5. Voting is over. Money (Silver) (8 votes [53.33%]) - mostly votes Voted Items(e.g. weapons, tools with casts) (7 votes [46.67%]) Objekts(e.g. Knarr, Wagon ...) (0 votes [0.00%])
  6. i think thats is a good idea for the point-system
  7. our ideas is: only willow shortbow in use, the equipment Ql is 1 (Bow, String and Arrowshaft) and gives from us.
  8. hi Release, we from Water Seven plans a Archeryevent for the community. Facts:pics in 2nd post Bow in use: Short bows shooting lanes: 5 Targetrange: 6 tiles Shots per round: 10 Bonus reward for: 1st place: "gold necklace" 2nd place: "silver necklace" 3rd place: "silver ring" Rewards for the firt three places: work in progress (see at the topic poll) Poll for the rewards ends 13.Jul.2014. ideas and suggestions are welcome
  9. Hamburg [x31:y05] is now: Puder Rosa Ranch
  10. +++ Newsflash +++ 19.04.2014 We have planned a little event, for the opening. More information coming soon here. +++ Newsflash +++
  11. WTS cog

    false thread, sorry my failure
  12. So who is leaving?

    ur never stay alone on "Release * home - sweet - home *"