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  1. Not renewing my priest alt until this is fixed........If you want more $$$ then please balance not promise to balance in the future
  2. I've just recently returned after being shafted by the dev team (ele reset) and I come back to this? Do I need to quit again? You have MR and JK agreeing with BL which shows you just how far up sht creek this game is and your telling us fixes will come soon. Yes you have fixed some issues (mostly when it comes to freedom related issues) but overall it is WORSE then it was before when its come to this game balance you so desperately don't want to upset. You want us to accept this game in gimped state and tell us to calm down over this flavour of the day issue when it's much worse then what you even acknowledge. RIP DSC RIP Libilia
  3. *facepalm* but but but bl is a kingdom, we have our own kingdom tabard
  4. RIP DSC. You will forever hold a special place in my heart. Tribute to the dirt god of wurm Atazoth <3
  5. I'm completely against a evelation map reset is my opinion. What makes me play wurm is is the unique style of terraforming the land in a pvp environment (though I don't pvp much I like having the option there while I move around stupid amounts of dirt). If elevation gets reset what has my work on deed been for? Over my time in wurm i've read the steady stream of complaints about unstable client, broken valrei, lame missions, /who, griefing/spies etc which you have a bunch of good ideas been thrown at you that could be a fix but leave the map alone please.
  6. Discuss Epic plz

    no reset of elevation please, would undo years of work on the deed.